For Sale Gold Official UKA Ballroom Dress :) &&& Pink American Latin D...

For Sale Gold Official UKA Ballroom Dress :) &&& Pink American Latin Dress

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15 Aug 2011
I am selling a professional ballroom dress, as I have no longer any use for it. Size 8/10 It is gold all over. -The bodice part has embroided white swirly pattern and goes over the straps. Attached to the straps are white floaty material, which then wrap around the wrist with elasticated gold wrist bands. The bodice has booby cups, so no need for a bra! I have used this item for Ballroom tests and competition, it's in basically perfect condition. (: Make me offers! Photos On Request Also have a bright pink American Latn Dress for sale! Made of stretchy material! size 8-10 It is basically a skirted leotard covered in shiny stickers (bubbles) -these are very worn now as this piece is years old.. Silver beads around the neckline, and along the bottom of the skirt. Very short and sexy! -just covers the bum. It is in great condition except for the stickers not being as shiny anymore. Make me an offer! Photos on request! Thanks, Cerise, xx
Posted 16 Aug 2011
Edited by Cerise_derriere 15 Aug 2011

Would you be interested in borrowing/renting out the gold ballroom dress for a weekend seeing as you are no longer using it?

Posted 17 Aug 2011
Would you be interested in borrowing
Why would they want to borrow one if they already have one?
Posted 17 Aug 2011
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