Where to buy MAC?

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1 Aug 2011
I am currently studying make up and would like to own a full MAC kit, but the prices from the store are just a little too much for me at the moment.
Does anyone know where sells genuine MAC items as discounted prices?
I know there's a lot of fakes going around at the moment so I don't want to end up buying counterfeit items

thanks x

Posted 1 Aug 2011
How about a refurb? Oops wrong thread
Posted 1 Aug 2011
Funny you should ask this I have been looking at MAC Makeup cases all night and found some fab shops including this one.... http://www.macmakeup-shop.com/Mac-Cosmetic/Mac-Makeup-Case-/MAC-Makeup-Beauty-Case-Box-35927/
They do makeup too
Posted 2 Aug 2011
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