Public Favourites Listing

Public Favourites Listing

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29 July 2011
This is an idea that has already be suggested a couple of times, but I don't know if anything has come from it. The previous suggestions are here:

I have similar ideas but I want to lay it out a bit more, in hopes that the admins might be more willing to jump on the idea.

So, currently I have a single list of favourites: people I would like to work with, but can't currently for certain reasons. Of course they don't know that. If they come into my area, I have no way of knowing unless they put up a casting call, and they have know way of knowing I want to work with them.

So here is my proposal: give the option of a public favourites list (possibly in addition to the private one). When I add someone to that list, a few things should happen. Their name gets added to a list on my profile of people I want to work with, and they get a notification that they have been added to the list.

To make this feature even better, you could also make it so that when someone does a casting call for a certain area, they get reminded of the people in that area who have favourited them, and those people get notified that the person is doing a casting call in that area. Of course, this should be options that are defaulted to false.

So, what do people think? Maybe if we put enough detail here on how it should work, the admins might take it and run with it?


Posted 29 July 2011
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