Thinking About A Studio Day...

Thinking About A Studio Day...

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28 June 2011
Hello and good afternoon y'all...

First, I'd like to thank those who have taken the time to read this thread of mine...

Having a studio day has been on my mind for some time now, and I have decided to create this thread to seek who would be interested in shooting me if I were to set one of these days up??

It would probably be at Switch Studios in Ford, West Sussex.

So I am here to ask who would be interested, and once I've got enough interest, I will then go ahead and have a chat with Aaron and Amanda to arrange a day...

I will be shooting up to Topless, nothing more.

It will more than likely be a Thursday, thats all I do know for now...

Ok, so the next part is up to you guys....

Many Thanks Again,


Posted 28 June 2011
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Hi Rachael

I often run studio days and I think your best bet is to pick a date, message all the photographers on here about the day stating your levels, rates, slots and date and also ask the studio owners to promote it. That's what I do and I find I always manage to fill my slots.

Jess x

Posted 28 June 2011

I would be interested in up to 3 hours depending on the cost. I did a shoot at Switch a couple of years ago with IvoryFlame.

Once you know the date, put up a casting call and also get the studio to add a studio day listing. You only need a couple of photographers and you may have 6 hours worth of bookings. So, if you may find you get enough interest to run several days. I have found that shooting at the end of a day after the model has shot for 6 hours is not that productive, so maybe keep it to 6 hours with breaks to make sure you do not get too tired.


Posted 28 June 2011
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