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8 June 2011
hey ladies,i am planning on having new implants this year sometime and i really want the new natrelle implants which never have to be replaced, has anyone else had these implants if so where did you get them done and what ml do you have? I've got 325 at the moment but want bigger.

Please note this is NOT for togs who have an opinion about fake breasts so please do not comment if it has nothing to do with what i am asking!!!!

Ruth xx
Posted 8 June 2011
alan rezai in sheffield i had mine done there, not cheap, but natrelle with life time guarentee, he wont go fake too, i was a 32dd before now a 34 ff had 345 implanted, went back last year for them replaceing with bigger implants but he would only replace with 450 even after emailing that i wanted bigger he would not ruin his reputation (so i didnt bother) can email you a pic of mine as they are today if you like? x

Posted 13 June 2011
Hey ya I had mine done with the Hospital Group, 2 mnths ago, went from a 32b to a DD with 380 implants, Mr Adriano Seno was my surgeon and he insisted that he would not go bigger cos i would look fake, Mine are 2 mnths old and look great :-D Good Luck :-D
Posted 17 June 2011
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