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29 May 2011
Hi guys

not sure if any of u lovely ladies/guys who are mua's could help me, Im looking to do a course in makeup/hair styling, this isnt to get a job as a mua but purely to just be able to do my own hair and makeup for shoots.
Ive breifly looked into some of these fast track courses but they are veryyyyyyyyyyy expensive. Is it worth doing something like this or just better to hire a mua for shoots?
Some of you guys out there are exceptional, and do a brilliant job, would really love to be able to create these looks myself.
Any advice would be much appreciated xxx

Posted 29 May 2011
If you only want to learn so you can improve your own make up, you'd be better off hiring a MUA to give you a few lessons. 

Posted 29 May 2011
Make Up Artist
I agree with Jes, if it is just for your own make up , also you need to have the skills as well as the training sometimes newly qualified artists need lots of practise to fine tune their art. I provide make up lessons if you are interested and I am not too far away regards Karen
Posted 31 May 2011
Make Up Artist
I agree. You should hire an MUA to help out with your own hair and makeup. If it was for a MUA job then that would be slightly different. There are also lots of YouTube tutorials around at the mo too on makeup so maybe good to watch them. ALso best way to learn is to practise!!
Good luck,
Helen Douthwaite MUA

Posted 4 July 2011
Make Up Artist
I agree also
Have some lessons from a good make up artist but practice what they have taught you before the next lesson. As a VTCT Diploma qualified make up artist with nearly 7 years experience practice is a huge part of training, the first couple of years after training, you are still mearly a student and there is always something new to learn
Posted 19 Oct 2011
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