I recommend E45

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6 Nov 2007

E45 is brilliant for your skin I think, especially for about £3 a bottle.

I use it on my face every morning and usually before bed, and pretty much most of the time I have perfect soft skin.  I don't wear make up very often either so maybe that helps, but think I'm going to start using it on the rest of my body as well.


Can anyone recommend anything better?

Posted 6 Nov 2007
I have different moisturisers for each part of my body! I have a toning one that I use on my upper arms and thighs. Then I use E45 on my feet and hands. Then I use Palmers cocoa butter on my lower legs (the driest part of my skin confused2) , and then a nice smelling one that just happens to leave me silky soft on my lower arms and chest.
Posted 6 Nov 2007
When I get out the shower I don't dry myself. Instead I put johnsons baby oil (with aloe vera) all over my wet skin, leave it for a few mins, then pat dry. Then I use palmer's cocoa butter on my legs and an avon body lotion on the rest of me.

I've never found E45 works for me. I use Vitamin E cream for my face, you can get it from health food shops, I swear by it.

Posted 6 Nov 2007
I use E45 and palmes cocoa butter and that works really well for me happy5
Posted 11 Nov 2007
Body Shop body butter, I've got the coconut (specially for faces) one but I do believe they do alot of other 'flavours'. I use E45 as moisturiser every day before foundation, but if I ever get a particular dry patch then the body butter sorts it out.

Posted 13 Nov 2007
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