Damian 'Big Dog' McGuilicuddy Workshops 23rd June 2011

Damian 'Big Dog' McGuilicuddy Workshops 23rd June 2011

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18 May 2011
We have a fantastic opportunity coming up on 23rd June 2011, details can be found on the links below. In brief we have two workshops on offer at our Studio in Sunderland. The workshops are in two of the most popular genre of photography, where success can mean the difference between a thriving business or a struggling also ran.

Lighting for Artistic nudes - http://www.art4artssake.co.uk/special-events/0171.html
Bridal Portraits to Wedding couples - http://www.art4artssake.co.uk/special-events/0172.html

Photography is a wonderful passion and pastime but often a difficult medium to master. To set your imagery above the masses requires the ability to control and manipulate light and enhance, flatter & add narrative with the correct posing of the subject.

So the question is what's the most expedient way to improve? Here at Studio 5000 Photography we have managed quite a coup! We have secured the services of 5 times UK Master Photographer of the Year, (and the only current "double" Master of Photography), Damian "the BIG Dog" McGillicuddy for an exclusive series of workshops here in the North East of England.

Damian will help you develop your camera craft, lighting skills, posing and composition along with the narrative to drive your images to the highest levels. During each information-packed workshop Damian will demonstrate to you that there is no substitute for “core skills” in photography when producing images of the very highest quality.

If you’re serious about developing and honing your camera and lighting skills then these are workshops you can ill afford to miss. Come and explore the manipulation of light and the construction of dynamic imagery in this intimate workshop where Damian will give away all the insider industry secrets that has seen his own work regarded as being at the top of the profession for so many years.
You can't afford to miss these workshops, check out the full details by simply clicking on the following link:


To view some of the work which Damian & his team has produced recently please feel free to visit his galleries at


Thanks for taking the time to read this, hope to see you on 23rd. Any questions please call me on 07954098591.

On Behalf of the Studio 5000 Team
Posted 18 May 2011
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