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11 March 2011
How to stop contradiction

this is just a thought:

It might be an idea for the moderator team that once you have made a decision to write it down in a rule book somewhere so you can all see it

I put something up as ABC
I get a message from the team telling me its been deleted as ABC is wrong it must be 123
I do this for 6 months then I get a message from the team saying its been deleted as 123 is wrong it must be ABC

now if I do ABC mod1 will come along and delete it againg saying Oi I told you its 123 consider this your first warning,

I would then change it to 123

then mod2 will come along and say Oi I told you its ABC and I see you have had a warning so your now suspended

just a thought
Posted 11 March 2011
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