~§~Please Read Before Posting In This Section~§~">~§~Please Read Before Posting In This ...

~§~Please Read Before Posting In This Section~§~

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6 March 2011
~§~Polite Reminder Regarding Use Of This Section~§~
Please note that use of this section is not for trading but rather a way of members selling unwanted photo gear.
Links to other sites such as Ebay should not be posted and risk removal.
As with all forum sections, email addresses are not permitted in forum posts. Please use Purestorm's PM system for passing on personal contact details. Given that Purestorm has public access, it will also prevent your email address being harvested and subsequently spammed. emoticon
Both the above have happened today hence this reminder. Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Updated by WebModerator ~24 January 2012 15:52
~§~ With Immediate Effect ~§~
Please only post single items for sale  in this section
and do not post subsequent items until the first has sold.

Any posts ignoring this Guideline may be deleted without further warning.

Updated by ForumModerator ~ 28 January 2012 01:48
Please comply with this request if you do not wish posts about your surplus items to be deleted.
Updated April 2012: If members do not comply with this the Swap Shop may have to close.

Updated by ForumModerator ~ 05 April 2012 13:03
We are serious about this!
If members continue to put Purestorm in jeopardy by ignoring the Guideline we will lose this section
which is under close scrutiny as a result of alleged fraudulent criminal action.

^ Updated 5th June ^
Any member who not only ignores this Guideline but then tries to repost after Admin deletes
and warns them not to repost is likely to find their Purestorm account being Terminated.

Updated by ForumModerator  ~ 11 April 2012 18:44
Would all members please THINK before sending money to strangers.
Personal transactions do not fall under the same statutory controls as Trade purchases.
You may also have little recourse if you make a personal money transfer through PayPal
so please read their Terms & Conditions before making a transaction.
Buyer Beware - especially on distance transactions!

Updated by WebModerator ~24 August 2012 00:20
Over the last 36 hours a small number of Photographers have ignored this guideline.
It does not matter how long you have been a member or what level of Upgrade you pay for:
the One Item Only / One Item At A Time rule applies to ALL members. Please respect it.

Updated by WebModerator ~12 September 2012 19:59
We would really like to keep this Swap Shop section but if members refuse to accept the rules
or insist on trying to find ways around them we may need to do something really drastic.

[ Guideline consolidated November 2012 ]

Updated by WebModerator ~ 07 November 2012 16:28

Over the last day or two we have had a spate of posts by members
offering multiple items for sale despite the request above not to do this.

Please only post single items for sale  in this section
and do not post subsequent items until the first has sold.

Anyone who ignores this request risks having restrictions placed on their account as has
already happened to one member today who ignored this Guideline despite a polite reminder*

* Updated at 17:45
The photographer who refused to accept that multiple items may not be posted in here has now lost their profile.

Updated by Purestorm : 06 February 2013
Would members please not suggest that other members ignore this Guideline.
Encouraging others to ignore site Guidelines could result in YOU paying the penalty!

Updated by WebModerator: 29th May 2013
Selling or attempting to sell pirated DVDs through the Swap Shop will result in account Termination.
Purestorm does not condone copyright theft and will take firm action on receipt of formal complaint.



Posted 6 March 2011
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