Back to Profile from new image viewer - suggestion

Back to Profile from new image viewer - suggestion

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12 Feb 2011
I notice that with the new image viewer, when you are viewing the image in the same window (i.e. not opening a new window), when you click "back to profile" it takes you to the top of the person's profile, which can be quite a long way from the thumbnail image you originally clicked, especially if it's a large premium members profile.

Just an idea for Matt. What if you had an onclick javascript event on the "back to profile" button that looked at the #990000;">history.previous #000000;">URL, and compared it to the target URL of the "back to profile" button. If they are the same, the javascript could excecute a #990000;">history.go(-1) instead of following the link...

This would only work for the first image though. After that it would get complicated...  emoticon

Just an idea   emoticon

Posted 12 Feb 2011
Edited by Ken_Smith 12 Feb 2011
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