~§~ Suspensions & Deception ~§~

~§~ Suspensions & Deception ~§~

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31 Jan 2011
Members who we catch creating a fresh account to get around a Suspension risk a Permanent Ban
Members who create a second account with a false name for purposes of deception will  be Banned
Purestorm reserves the right to publish the reason for any Ban on the Wall of Shame

Terms of use

#595959;">Purestorm accounts are a privilege not a right and the company is at liberty to refuse/reject membership without reason.
#595959;">NB: Firstname & Lastname fields on your profile remain confidential (if Alias field used) and should be completed truthfully.

#ff0000;">Updated 6th Feb : We have just caught another Suspended 'gonzo' shooter trying to rejoin under a different name.
Attention is drawn to the third line above.

Posted 31 Jan 2011
Edited by ForumModerator 6 Feb 2011
Over the last few days a number of members removed for Clause 16 breaches have tried to rejoin
and several more have requested that their Suspension be lifted.
Please note that a Clause 16 Suspension following a verified complaint is non-reversible.
Posted 8 July 2011
Edited by Love 8 July 2011

Please note that Clause 16 Suspensions do not only apply to Photographers.
This clause in the Terms of Use also applies to Models who offer hardcore boy/girl and to
Models who try to recruit on behalf of 'gonzo' or POV photographers.

Please also note the Management's stance on this issue :-

~§~ Policy Statement ~§~
Posted 9 July 2011
Edited by Love 14 Aug 2011
Would any members who indulge in Hardcore Boy/Girl work please note Clause 16 of the
Terms of use
If a Model or Photographer has their account Terminated for breach of Clause 16
it is highly unlikely that they will be allowed to rejoin this site.

Note that when you create an Adult Casting Call you are deemed to have accepted Clause 16 restrictions.
Likewise when you send an internal Personal Message you are deemed to have accepted Clause 16.
Posted 14 Aug 2011
Edited by Love 14 Aug 2011
Over the last few days Administrators have Terminated several accounts for Clause 16 breaches including:

A Model trying to recruit other Model members for a hardcore boy/girl video producer
A Model offering Adult level "boy/girl interaction" with photographers
A Photographer offering Adult boy/girl who suggested the Model may like to interact with him instead

Only a tiny percentage of members ignore Clause 16 but those we receive verifiable complaints about
are almost invariably permanently excluded from Purestorm

A link to the Terms of Use can be found at the bottom of every site page.
Posted 22 Aug 2011
Edited by ForumModerator 22 Aug 2011
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