Reasons for Suspension

Reasons for Suspension

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23 Oct 2007

The Purestorm Team often get asked why a certain member has been suspended. Because of Data Protection Act issues, we are not always able to go into specifics of an indvidual user's Suspension but it should be noted that that a Suspension is not always for a sinister reason. Below is an outline of some of the many reasons.

Reasons for suspension can include but are not limited to:

1. At users own request
2. Posting of unsuitable images.
3. Spamming
4. Inappropriate comments towards other members with the PM sytstem.
5. Under-age profiles
6. Duplicate profiles.
7. Wrong profile type. (ie, a photographer signing up a a model)
8. Dummy profiles.
9. Protecting Purestorm legally.
10. Removal of distruptive members of the Purestorm Community.
11. Failure to up-load (or total removal of)  images/profile content.
12. Prolonged period of profile inactivity.
13. Suspicion of non age appropriate content.
14. Mis-leading/inaccurate profiles.
15. Failure to comply with requests from the Purestorm Support Team.
16. Libellous or potentially libellous comments.
17. Abuse of the '#3366ff;">Add feedback on this member' facility on profiles.

18. Misuse of the Casting Calls system
19. Posting 'Vote For Me' solicitations
20. Ignoring Admin/Moderator instructions or reasonable requests.
21. Creating misleading Casting Calls to try to get around account restrictions (May 2010)

Each case is judged on its own merits. Sometimes we will provisionally suspend while we investigate.

In more complex or borderline cases, we will discuss it as Team and make a joint decission whether to re-instate a member or make the Suspension indefinite or permanent.

Sometime its is just something simple like Suspending (or resetting to Pending) until pics have been re-uploaded or the member confirms having properly read the Terms of Use.

Note that 'forum campaigning' on behalf of Suspended members* can lead to account cancellation.

* or on behalf of former members refused further Portfolio Hosting by Purestorm Ltd. (Dec 2011)

NB: Pending accounts are just that - Pending - and are not necessarily Suspended (Jan 2012)
There are many reasons why either a member may request, or Management may decide, that an account should be set to Pending


Posted 23 Oct 2007
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