Jemma Kidd masterclass@home - feedback please

Jemma Kidd masterclass@home - feedback please

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13 Dec 2010
Make Up Artist
Hi girls

I have been given the opportunity to become a Jemma Kidd associate tutor and before I commit to it I would love some feedback to ensure I would get enough interest.

The concept is simple.....
  • Get eight to ten friends together at home and have a 2-hour masterclass on every element of your makeup – foundation, eyes, cheeks, lips and application tips, for £20 each (free for the host). 
  • You’ll learn tricks of the trade and can take away elements to pep up your look. 
  • Each student will have there own work station, brushes, eyeshoadows, facemap etc to work with during the lesson
  • Jemma Kidd products are available to to buy with a 10% discount but no hard sell the experience is more about the lesson than sales.
  • You get to choose what looks you want to master, e.g if its a group of models we can focus more on photographic make-up rather than everyday looks.

I would really appreciate some feedback if you think this is something that you would like (even if it's just a quick one liner of yes or no) is it something that you think a group of models would like to do to learn how to do their own make-up for shoots or maybe something you would just like to go with your mates for a giggle and a girls night in, or maybe before a big girls night out?

It's something that I'm really excited about but I would have to pay an outlay for my equipment first so I want to make sure I have done my market research before I commit.



Posted 13 Dec 2010
sounds good id be interested

Posted 15 Dec 2010
Id be interested, sounds like a great idea

Posted 15 Dec 2010
Make Up Artist

Just wanted to ask if you managed to find out how much you have to spend for the kit? I am also interested in this but not sure!!!!

Posted 20 Dec 2010

Is there a market for make up for TOG'S (he.he)
Not for them but giving them an idea as to what they could get from their models, and having a little bit of understanding towards the models.
This is something I would go for.
Plus provided you didn't price yourself out of the market, could you not offer your services to camera clubs, on a demonstration basis.

Posted 21 Dec 2010
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