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13 Dec 2010
I'm getting totally fed up of shavin my legs it still feels stubbly after no matter what kind of  blade i use, so today im gettin my first leg wax and kida scared cos several years ago i got a home waxin kit and tried it myself and it hurt like hell but i put that down to myself doing it, im getting this done properly today, i have a shoot tomorrow and im hoping my skin doesnt go blotchy with little red marks, is waxing all that its cracked up to be in the sense of giving u good results? how many choose to wax rather than shave?

Posted 13 Dec 2010
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so today im gettin my first leg wax

When are you getting the second one done?

Sorry lol i couldn't resist
I don't wax myself you you can't beat the feel of a ladies freshly waxed leg
Posted 13 Dec 2010
lol i'll get a second one if i can handle the first one

Posted 13 Dec 2010
I dont wax as i prefer to be hair free everyday. Because in order to get waxed you have to have hair in first place. and i couldn't be doing with Hairy parts inbetween waxing.
You are more than likley to get redness of the skin after waxing (erythema) but what ever you do dont add perfumed body lotions or have hot baths etc for at least 24hours as the hair folicle would still be open.

But if you follow the beauty therapists advice your legs should not be too bad by tomorrow.
Posted 13 Dec 2010
yeah the only part about waxin is havin to wait for the hair to grow back long enough to have it done again, and that means either shootin with hairy legs which i really dont want to do or leave off any shoots til its done and thats like a couple of wees lost in shoots so its difficult to know whats best

Posted 13 Dec 2010
take paracetamol 30mins before your wax, if you dont like the pain. go to a decent beauty salon, dont have a wax straight before or after period as it will hurt more. where loose clothing after your wax, an you'll be good to go.

it wont last long from the off, you will have to really stick to it before the hairs start to thin, an then the waxing last longer. ive got bald patches on my legs now, but ive been waxing since i was 16 an im 24 now. but im glad ive stuck to it. now i only need about 4 waxes a year. alot damn easier than having to shave them everyday. an getting cuts on your ankles! ouch

k x

Posted 5 Jan 2011
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