An idea for the Feedback system

An idea for the Feedback system

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6 Nov 2010
I originally tried to send this via the "contact us" option, but it kept failing, so everyone get the pleasure of reading my ideas! emoticon


I saw a forum thread about feedback & had a think about possible changes to make it a little less fallible...

I think if the "free text" part of feedback could be removed, it would be a lot simpler. Ask straight forward questions & use a couple of logic rules to ask further ones:

1.  Did <member> turn up? Yes/No

1a. If Yes, were they on time? Yes/No

       If No, were they more than 1hr late? Yes/No

1b. If No (to Q1) did they contact you to cancel? Yes/No

       If Yes, how much notice was given? (choice of time periods)

2.  Would you work with <member> again? Yes/No

3.  Would you recommend <member> to other Purestorm members? Yes/No

Obviously the questions need a little work & could probably be expanded a little, but I think if they are kept quite factual, then it will be less open to abuse. The answers to the questions could be weighted to give an overall score out of 100.

I hope what I've written makes sense (it does in my head, but transferring that into words isn't always going to go smoothly!), but feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Simon (SimonT)

Posted 6 Nov 2010
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