Flat hair?

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17 Oct 2010
Hi all,

My hair tends to be very flat on top, and more volumised towards the mid-lengths/ends. Im pretty sure I have a 'round' face shape, and so flat hair really doesnt do much to improve my look! I have tried so many products to volumise the roots of my hair (from treseme and john frieda to wella salon professionals), plus Ive tried using a large barrel brush to blow dry, and Im so awful at using it that I tend to get all tangled and give up.

Any tips on great volumising/lifting products, or hair cuts and styles that would stop my hair being so flat?
Posted 17 Oct 2010
I Use Volume spray then put in either heated or normal roller to the root of the hair wait til dry and then back comb ... hair spray the back combed at the root than back comb and hair spray ... that should stay all day.... works for myself and i have really heavy hair. And when i have my extentions in they seem to make it flat until i do this.

krizty x
Posted 17 Oct 2010
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