Dilema - Whats the moderators opinion?

Dilema - Whats the moderators opinion?

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12 Oct 2010
Ok, I would normally ask this question privately, but I'm sure the Moderator view is usefull to members.

I arranged a shoot with a model several weeks ago, due to take place in around 10 days. Its a high value magazine shoot, the model is booked for 2 days at a fairly substancial fee, but the shoot represents around 5 days work for me, in terms of pre shoot prep, shooting and post shoot batching and burning. Its fair to say we are talking a fairly major sum of money at stake here.

My problem is that the model has gone of the radar, she has not logged on to PS since 30th Sept 2010 and has not responded to external emails. I do not have her phone number, the last message I sent her on PS was details of travel, my phone number and a request for hers. She read the message, but did not respond. I know she has a full time job outside modelling, has a busy life and as far as I am aware has had to book time off work for this shoot.

Is it reasonable for me to now assume the shoot is off? 

The main problem is that if I dont make alternative arrangements now, I have potentially wasted 5 days. If I do make another booking, what happens if she resurfaces 2 days before the shoot, expecting it to be on and makes a fuss about having taken time of work, booked travel etc?

The last time I gave a model the benifit of the doubt in this type of situation (an experienced model whom I had worked with before) I ended up twiddling my thumbs, down several K.

I think I have taken all the steps available to me, to confirm the shoot and have covered  my back...what do you think ?

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Posted 12 Oct 2010
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Without knowing the full facts Moderators could not advise on whether to consider this shoot off.

In theory the model could have returned an e-mail, which failed to arrive, and then gone on holiday.
Unlikely of course, but one possible explanation of several.

All we can suggest is that in future if booking a high value shoot maybe it should not be deemed
until contact details and binding contracts are exchanged to cover cancellations and the like.

Our general recommendation is that the Shoot Diary Schedule should be used to register a booking
meaning that at least the member and Purestorm have a verifiable record if one party then fails to show
thus allowing a No-Show to be recorded for others to see.

This is of course bolting the stable door after the horse has bolted but as Purestorm is not an agency
and cannot legally be one we cannot be more directly involved in booking details between members.
It has to be the responsibility of the member making the booking to set terms for how
any cancellation should be notified and for what recompense, if any, is payable.

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Posted 12 Oct 2010
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