New shoot scheduler.

New shoot scheduler.

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24 Aug 2010
Just added a new shoot to my scheduler. appears to have send the auto e-mail to the model ok. however when She received it but the e-mail was blank. no shoot details etc.

Posted 24 Aug 2010
If the system is working correctly this is what the other party (username2) should see when a shoot is booked - the Title can be changed by the sender (username1) :-

Dear username2
A shoot has been scheduled, the details of which appear below, and you have been added as one of the participants, you should have been made aware of the shoot details and this is just for you to confirm that you will be attending.

If this is the first you have heard of the shoot and you know nothing about it then this may have been sent to you in error, in which case please choose the third option in the list provided below to notify the sender of the mistake.

#27439e;">Shoot Details
Title: Scheduled shoot
Created by: username1
Shoot Date: 31 September 2010
Shoot Time: 11:00
Shoot Location: (#bfbfbf;">set by username1)

#27439e;">Please tick one of the options below and click send
Best Regards
The Purestorm Team


This is what the originator should see when the shoot is confirmed:-

Dear username1

username2 has confirmed that they will be attending the shoot titled #0070c0;">Scheduled shoot

Best Regards

The Purestorm Team

This is what the originator should see after they send the original booking:-

Shoot Diary

The purpose of this page is to allow you to set up a schedule for a shoot with another member. For further help in using this page please #0070c0;">click here.

The shoot has been scheduled

The shoot has been set up and added to your scheduler, all member(s) that you listed have been sent a PM regarding the shoot with a link that they can click on to confirm, once they confirm you will get a return PM notifying you of this.

You can view the details of this shoot by #0070c0;">clicking here, alternatively you can view shoots that you have set up by clicking on the 'Manage Profile' tab, you will see a link in the scheduler section titled #0070c0;">View the shoots in your schedule, Clicking on this link will take you to a page that lists all the shoots that you have set up.

#a5a5a5;">Note the above examples use 'MattCommas' which are found throughout Purestorm where others might use a full stop#a5a5a5;"> ;o)
Posted 24 Aug 2010
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