seeking at advise from qualified mua

seeking at advise from qualified mua

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17 Aug 2010
Hi all I start my beauty therapy course next month and wondering whats the best tweezers to get for eyebrow shaping and best place to get them thankyou in advance sammy

Posted 17 Aug 2010
Hi There,

Firstly, good luck with your course! I hope all goes well for you and that you enjoy it emoticon

In answer to your question, i use Tweezerman tweezers - more specifically the pink 'slant' ones - they sell them in Boots and they cost around £16 odd. I have tried endless different pairs in my time, but i really cannot fault these! I have since got around 6 of my friends onto them and there's now no going back for any of us!

I do think that it is all down to personal preference though with regards to which ones you will get on with the most.. Your teacher should also be able to advise, and you should be getting print outs of all the stuff you'll need and advice on what to get anywho.

 Good luck either way..

Posted 19 Aug 2010
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