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9 Aug 2010
I posted a few forum posts before. One said how should I get rid of black hair, the other said should I go blonde?

To cut a long story short, I stripped my own hair, and theres was only about half an inch of black left at the ends so I went to the hairdressers who said to leave it and not cut it out because my hairs short, and it wouldnt suit me much shorter.

Fair enough.

So I decide not to go blonde, but instead a lighter brown. So my hairdresser puts a lighter brown on (I didn't think there would be a problem, I'd stripped my hair to pretty much its natural colour anyway).

Now I have light brown/gingerish roots, light brown hair and faint black ends (looks brown to everyone else but I know its black).

Now what do I do to get an even colour? The hairdresser said she would correct it but I want to go somewhere else. What would you suggest?

Do I go lighter on the rest, or try for an even colour? Do I go darker, but not black?

Posted 9 Aug 2010
mine went like that so i put a chocolate brown on. n that evened it out, but im going blonde again as, my hair goes lighter everywash even though the dyes permenant =/ xx

Posted 9 Aug 2010
I'm the same, even when I had black hair, after about 2 weeks it was a dark brown rather than black. But I have really bad greys to cover! Will chocolate brown cover the black ends?

Posted 9 Aug 2010
yea should do hun cos it aint light or dark should blend it in x

Posted 9 Aug 2010
nothing will cover black, perhaps what the hairdresser should have done was use their own salon stripper to take out the rest of the black, instead she's made it a whole lot worse by addin more colour to ur hair leaving u with un-even bits, either go elsewhere and get the whole lot stripped, or get it cut shorter taking the black off, if u want longer hair then buy clip in extensions but i wouldnt advise any more colour being added to ur hair, if u go darker again then ur back to sqaure one, going lighter may take a bit of time but ull make it worse by adding more colour

Posted 9 Aug 2010
why dont we just use wigs???? im so fed up with colour going wrong im doing exactly that from now on
Posted 9 Aug 2010
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