eyeliner running!

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8 Aug 2010
is it just me or does anyone else have the problem with when you wear eyeline on your waterline or just underneath it sort of melts down your eyes and creates lines underneath your eyes! i not only have this problem on shoots but day to day to!
if anyone has a cure for this silly makeup mishap please do tell!
Posted 8 Aug 2010
yeah, apply plenty of mascara (water proof) to your bottom lashes, also try getting an expensive eye liner, I find the Maxfactor ones are good.... also it helps if while shooting, you apply powder underneath your eyes regually...
I have an annoying problem that the outside corners of my eyes run.... really handy when your half way through a shoot or on Live TV and an eyelash decides to come unstuck because your eyes have watered so much!

Posted 8 Aug 2010
oh dear! i do have two eyeliners i alternate between ones a rimmel for everyday and ones max factor i had a fab eyeliner from avon colourtrend it honestly would stay put under any condition but it made my eyes go blurry and slightly blind so i stopped using it i do use urbad decay primer potion but it doesnt seem to help thanks for the tips ill try them xx
Posted 8 Aug 2010
I personally don't have that problem with my eye liner. The only advice i could give is something i learned performing and that is to apply hair spray to your face when you are finshed applying your make up. This helped our make up to stop running as we were constantly sweating, dancing under hot stage lights and it done the trick then so should do the trick for every day use. Don't need to smother yourself in it, just apply a light srapy across your face, that should do the trick. Hope that helps.
Posted 8 Aug 2010
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