10 ways to use nivea cream and more..

10 ways to use nivea cream and more..

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18 July 2010
im talking bout the blue pot variety thats very cheap! its a life saver and has tons of uses heres my list so far feel free to add .....

1.nappyrash and dry skin
2. removing makeup (smear it over leave for one seaconde and wipe off with tissue then wash face if nessersary and can get off allot of makeup)
3. extending eylash life and lenth ( put on eyelashes before bed and gently take off in morning garentee will have better lashes in a week!)
4. keeping eyebrows tidy (used like eyebrow wax it works very well to keep tidy for a long period of time and moisturises)
5. facemask (do a good thick layer so your face is completly white and leave for 20 mins or longer for brilliant soft skin without spots)
6. primer (when put lightly under foundation it lasts much longer)
7. eye dust/powder enhanser (put on this or lipgloss lightly on eyelids then dab on eyeshadow and you will find it sticks better, lasts longer and gets better coulering)
8. shimmer (add glitter or powder shimmer to it and viola you have a home made shimmer powder and you can decide how shimmery you want it)
9.foot mosure sock (put on vey thickly and then put a cotton sock over)
10.lip moisturiser (put on lips thick before sleep and you will wake with the poutiest and softest lips)
Posted 18 July 2010
Another use for it is as an insect repellent,I have found it invaluable on location shoots where there are lots of trees ,it keeps the midges away as good as any expensive insect repellent out there.

Posted 20 July 2010
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Awesome! I will be using some of those tips! Thanks

Posted 20 July 2010
Its great for dry and creack lips aswell, heals aswell as soothes
Posted 1 Aug 2010
Instead of shaving cream/foam lubricates the razor just as well, you have to rinse the blade a bit more often, leaves your skin super soft into the bargin.

Posted 14 Aug 2010
Ooh thanks for this I have a big pot of the blue variety and I haven't really used it for much as of yet, definitely will be now though
Posted 22 Aug 2010
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