Bonded Hair Extensions

Bonded Hair Extensions

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13 June 2010
Iv been modelling for about 9 months now with short dark brown hair, and i think its time for a change.
I'm looking for anyone who is fully qualified in putting hair extentions in to give me a message and a quote if thats possible.
My hair is currently dark brown...and the cut is very similar to Frankie's out of the saturdays except i have a full fringe.

If anyone uses 'Racoon, Cinderella hair or Great Lengths' then that would be great!

Look forward to hearing from you...
Amy xx.
Posted 13 June 2010
Make Up Artist

if your hair is very short in back you will not be able to have extensions done successfully, especially bonded with glue, microrings may work but its hard to tell without seeing your hair in person.

Any extenionist who tells you they can do it successfully if your hair is very short is kidding not only you but themselves as well  If you send me a pic of the back of your head I will tell you honestly if it can be done using any method - I am a qualified hair extensionist with a lot of experience over a few years.

Posted 23 June 2010
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