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27 May 2010

#0070c0;">Camera Club Custodians

A number of members have requested the ability to create Casting Calls for models on behalf Camera Clubs they are members of. The rules currently prevent members advertising on behalf of non-members primarily because we have had both cases of banned individuals or companies using proxies to try to gain access to our model members and instances where members have booked other members on behalf of outsiders who have then renaged on the booking or payment.

To allow bookings to be made on behalf of camera clubs it is proposed that well-established Premium account photographer members will be able to apply for a Camera Club Custodian account (with username being that of the club, not the photographer) through which they can post Casting Calls for models. To be eligible for one of these free custodian accounts, which will be manually set up by Moderators, the photographer will need to be able to convince us that the Camera Club is genuine and that its committee has given its blessing, plus the photographer member will need to have an ANNUAL subscription on his or her own account to both provide proof of identity and prevent a single month subscription being taken out purely to start the account.

It is proposed that these CCC account holders will be able to create Casting Calls offering Paid bookings (not TF) to Models and MUAs but they will NOT have forum access. Although the custodian photographer will need to maintain an annual Premium account, the club account will be Free.

#ff0000;">Update: Attempts to 'bend' the rules by those not content to wait for these changes are unacceptable - please play fair.
Updated September : This forthcoming addition is now in beta testing.

#0070c0;">Tutor Accounts

At the moment only Hire Studio account holders may post commercial Tutorial or Workshop advertisements in the dedicated Studios section. Several members, mostly well-known photographers, who either do not own their own studio or do not hire it out, or who travel to studios and venues in different areas, have requested the ability to advertise classes and workshops.

Plans are underway to create a third sub-section in the Studios section in which Tutor Account holders will be able to make Read Only (with edit / update ability) posts to advertise forthcoming tutorial sections or workshops.

To be eligible for a Tutor Account, which will be manually set up by Moderators and at least initially will be offered free, applicants will probably need  to have a minimum of Gold annual membership, be an already established member of the Purestorm community (or an industry professional with a proven reputation) and exhibit a high degree of proficiency in their specialist field.

These Tutor Accounts are not intended to be a 'get rich quick' scheme to fleece newbies but a way of bringing added value to our community. Not everyone who applies for a Tutor Account will be allowed one and the decision to grant these accounts will be purely at the discretion of the Admin Team (note that plying Matt with good Malt Whisky will not work as decisions will probably be made by an anonymous panel of model and photographer moderators whose decision will be final).

#ff0000;">#7f7f7f;">Please note that although these additional features are on the way, the arrival of new daughter Freya means that Matt is going to be quite busy for the foreseeable future and naturally she (and her mum and sisters) will have priority over his available time.

Updated 12th August: a small number of long-established photographer members with a proven track record have now been given Tutor status

Posted 27 May 2010
Edited by ForumModerator 20 Nov 2012
Camera Club Custodian accounts will be going are  live shortly.
To register interest use the Contact us form (when logged in) to request a sign-up link.
Note that these accounts will only have limited functionality and Custodians will only
be allowed to advertise Paid work Casting Calls to Model and / or Make-Up Artist members.
Offering Time For Images on behalf of multiple photographers is unacceptable.
Custodians must be Premium members of good standing and have their club's permission to advertise.
[updated 02 January 2013]

Tutor accounts are offered to well-established and widely respected Photography Tutors of note
e.g. long-standing members of our community who :-
  • have successfully published relevant instructional books / DVDs or
  • regularly offer tutorial advice features in the photography magazines or
  • run courses for one of the camera/lighting manufacturers or
  • are a Further Education Lecturer on this subject
Running workshops on behalf of a studio owner is insufficient grounds for the award of a Tutor account.
[ Updated June 2013 ]
Even if a Photographer has 'been a member for ages and has 'kept their nose clean'
or sees themselves as being 'a big name on this website' or has been allowed to
'post whatever I want to' on other sites, Purestorm's rules on posting on behalf of
camera clubs or photographer groups will not be waived and refusing to comply
with the reasonable requests made in Purestorm Admin Alerts is unacceptable.
ONLY registered Camera Club Custodians or registered Hire Studio owners
may post Casting Calls on behalf of camera clubs or photographer groups.

Posted 5 Oct 2010
Edited by Love 12 June 2016
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