~§~ Free Member Accounts ~§~

~§~ Free Member Accounts ~§~

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9 May 2010

#c00000;">#7030a0;">As the Casting Calls were at times being swamped by Models with Free accounts
advertising their availibility for PAID work Matt has removed this option
but of course any Model may reply to a Paid Work offer made by a Photographer.

#ff0000;">Models with Free Portfolio Hosting may request Time For Images (TFP/CD) shoots.
Models with Free Portfolio Hosting may offer to pay Photographers to shoot them.

#7030a0;">Models with Silver, Gold or Platinum Portfolio Hosting *
may request TFP/CD and/or Paid shoots or offer Paid work to Photographers.

#ff0000;">Free account holders who deliberately post under the wrong heading will be Suspended
#ff0000;">( The changes were highlighted on 9th May  on the Casting Call creation page)

At the moment NO model may scout / recruit other models through Casting Calls
but Matt is working on a special section to cater for Model Seeking Model To Shoot With.

#000000; text-decoration: underline;">NB: Photographers with Free Portfolio Hosting cannot seek Paid Work through Casting Calls either

#7030a0;">*Upgrading to Premium membership to advertise availability for Paid work costs less that £3 a month

Posted 9 May 2010
Edited by Love 1 July 2011
#ff0000;">We are serious about this and Suspensions have already taken place.
#ff0000;">Any member who deliberately selects a wrong category to get around account restrictions risks


Posted 9 May 2010
Edited by Jacqui 9 May 2010
To ensure that Free Members could not 'make a mistake' when creating Casting Calls
this morning Matt added the following replaceable text in main descriptive box:-

Please note: Free members may not post for casting calls requesting payment,
if you do so you risk having your profile suspended

Plese also see here:-
~§~ Every Time You Do It A Fairy Dies! ~§~

Unfortunately due to a bug this text is not vanishing when the Casting Call is uploaded.
Matt hopes to have a coding fix in place within 24 hours at the latest
but in the meantime Free account holders can still flag up their availability for TFP/CD

Updated  09:50:00
Matt has stamped on the bug and all should be back to normal now

Posted 12 May 2010
Edited by WebModerator 9 Nov 2012
It seems this conversation has now been locked