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10 March 2010
Hi just a quick question all of a sudden my hair seems to be going very static. Any tips on how to stop it? It's vey annoying on shoots. Thanks onyx x
Posted 10 March 2010

#666666;">Indola Move - Shine Spray

and an anti - static comb / brush

Posted 10 March 2010
Ground yourself occasionally?
Posted 11 March 2010
hiya, ive been having the same problem recently, ive changed my shampoo and it seems to stopped it for now.

Posted 22 March 2010
yes change your shampoo! and use lots n lots of hairspray, after you have dried it!

also make sure your brush doesnt cause it, some brushes are not suitable for soft hair. i find that some can make my hair flyaway. x

Posted 10 May 2010
also if you use heating tools, try to cut that out. i notice when i constantly straighten my hair its becomes really static! rather annoying so now i straighten like once a day im sure you can buy shampoo for static hair aswell. so have a search around for that
Posted 13 July 2010
could it be the change in weather aswell as too much straightening and brushing?
Only thing i can think of is not to brush your hair as thoroughly once you've just straightened it.

Posted 13 July 2010

Ground yourself occasionally?

Posted 13 July 2010
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