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14 Feb 2010

This thread has been created to give members an opportunity to publicise modelling-related charity fundraising events they are organising or are closely involved with. However to prevent misuse it is a Locked thread and only Moderators can create or edit posts.

#ff0000;"> Be aware that before starting a post in here Moderators may require that the member organising the event provides proof that the named charity has actually approved the fundraiser and/or the use of their name in association with it.

Note conventional Group Shoots where ALL members of the community are invited to attend and where only DONATIONS to charity are called for may (subject to approval)  still be promoted in the Community Events section but events where ¤ set fees are being charged or ¤ where non-member photographers are being invited to shoot Purestorm models or ¤ where the event is NOT open to all members should not be advertised in there ..... even if the proceeds are intended for charity.

Note that ALL monies raised through Charity Events must be donated to the named charity
and that events where the organiser pockets the fees and passes over a 'donation' are unacceptable.

#ff0000;">Would potential organisers please ensure they have a venue / studio date arranged before requesting inclusion.

#a5a5a5;">Requests for additions to this thread will only be responded to after priority admin/moderator tasks have been dealt with.
#a5a5a5;">Threads will remain live for a few weeks to allow further donations to be made but will then be Deleted to free up space
Posted 14 Feb 2010
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#ff0000;">Paint It Red !

Devon, Exeter

Following on from the success of  Exeterminate in October.... which raised almost £300 for charity...

South_West_Studios  & screaming_images are pleased to announce

Paint it Red! Xmas Charity Event ~ Sunday December 12th
Click the above link for more info..

Posted 19 Oct 2010
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I would like to inform you all (so you have plenty of time to save up plenty of pennies),
that I am now planning a charity event in aid of the Derbyshire Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance.

Details of the event are as follows:-

6th May 2012
Time:- 09:30 until 20:00
Venue:- 181 Peasehill Ripley Derbyshire DE5 3JQ.

Event is open to all, and free to attend.

There will currently be 4 different photographic sets comprising of:-
  • Indoor Studio(exact set to be decided on day),
  • Swimming Pool Set,
  • Full size Snooker table set,
  • Outdoor garden/garden swing set.
Where required sets will be equiped with Bowens lighting.

Format of day:-
All sets will be available to use at £10 per 30min slot.
Also voluntary donations for the charity will be gratefully received.
All proceeds will go to the charity.

Any models wishing to volunteer to model during the event please PM me -
lpphotografix -
so I can add your name to the attending model list.

I will also try and pull a few strings to see if I can even get a big yellow helicopter to turn up
(but not promising anything, as they are very busy).
Posted 12 Jan 2012
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PRP STUDIOS OPEN DAY! - Saturday 19th May 11am – 6pm

Come along to PRP Studios for the day for an insight into this amazing venue.
Visit the studio free of charge and receive exclusive time to photograph one of our models, a tour around the studio,
learn about the top of the range equipment and refreshments all day.

Donations not compulsory but welcomed
Registered charity number 10622360/0
Posted 15 May 2012
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Worthing Area - 17 June - Cancelled due to date clash.
Charity group shoot in aid of Chestnut Tree House Children's Hospice - all welcome

Posted 30 May 2012
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Charity day on the 11th August

organised by and held at
Derbyshire ~ Barlow between Sheffield & Chesterfield
in aid of The Disabled Photographers Society

a registered national charity founded in 1968.

Tthis will be held the same as all the other ones I have done please invite anyone you know.

It starts at 10am untill early eavening quite a few people will be here on the day. parking will be in the field as the carpark is used. Each studio will be set up for you to shoot in . Also this year we will have a 20x6 metre Marquee in the carpark this will also have 2 sets in and lighting. My car will be valeted for you to shoot models on that also.
the day is divided up into 30 min s...lots for each studio. All you have to do is put your name down for a studio of your choice and pick your model. You then get that slot and model for £10 for the 30 mins. this is how the money is raised. Models do not pay anything. It is a good event to do some networking so bring your portfoilo if you have one.

there will be free drinks and some food. but feel free to bring some along it all helps
We will also be holding a raffel for prizes like free studio time and vouchers for shops.
Last year we collected over £700 which goes to help people with disabilitys to enjoy there photography.

Thankyou and I hope to see you all here on the day
George at 
Posted 4 Aug 2012
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Charity Open Day at Ekegance Photography Studio.
(Date To be Announced)

202 Manchester Road,
Lancs BL3 2QS

Photographers and Models wanted.
I am holding a open studio day for my local hospice. The day is free but if you can afford a donation it would be gratefully received. I dont care if you put 10p or £10 in the honesty box, it all helps towards my £1000 target to buy a special recliner.

Whats in it for you!
... You can pose up to any level you want to shoot. Photographers will send you the images via email or publish on your sites when edited. You can swop details and network also leading to bookings with togs.
You get to shoot all the models who turn up for shoots on the day. The only rule is you have to let me download your images from your card on the day to give to the models for their time.
There will be 3 sets and if the weather is fine an area to shoot outside.

Whats in it for me.
Every penny raised goes to buy a recliner for Bealy Hospice. The only thing I get out of this day is for me to showcase my studio

Posted 31 Aug 2012
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United Kingdom
West Midlands

We are organising a charity event for comic relief on Friday March 15th 2013 - 6pm to 10pm at
TipTop Photography Ltd (Studios)
#000000" face="Tahoma, Arial, Verdana" size="2">199 Warstone Lane
Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, B18 6JR

Photographers and Models wanted.

Whats in it for you!  
There will be 4 different sets, all shooting at the same time to allow maximum photography to take place throughout the evening.  Models will swap between sets.

You can pose up to any level you want to shoot (upto implied nude) and any outfits of your choice.   You do not have to make a financial donation (although this would be nice), your donation comes from you giving your time free of charge.  In return, you will get a selection of images from each photographer who photographs you on the night.

You will have the opportunity to photograph as many of the models you llike throughout the evening; in return, there will be a cost of £20 and the only committment you have to make is to send each model you photograph at least 1 or two edited images from the evening.

#000000" face="Tahoma, Arial, Verdana" size="2">All money raised will go to Comic Relief.

If you would like to attend the evening, please message me to confirm your place (both models and photographers).



Posted 4 March 2013
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Charity Shoot Day plans


So I am planning a non-profit shoot day for charity and I'd like you to help me out in the research process so I don't completely flop!

What I would like is a normal shoot day format, where photographers pay for my own and possibly other models time but instead of us pocketing the cash we donate it to charity

I have created a survey
I'd be grateful if you could answer the questions, its mainly aimed at photographers but models are usually savvy about these things too

Comments below are welcomed!
Posted 25 April 2013
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