~§~ Premium Member Images In Home Page Gallery ~§~

~§~ Premium Member Images In Home Page Gallery ~§~

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30 Dec 2009
#c00000;">Updated Noon 17th March 2010

emoticonThe Experiment Failed!emoticon

Even although Matt first relaxed the rules and then introduced a page where ALL Premium images were viewable
a minority continued to upload Nudity to the Gallery or unreasonably 'push the bounds' on content.

#ff0000;">ALL recent Premium Member uploads can be seen here but only a #ff0000;">few chosen images will now go in the Gallery.

As an experiment Matt recently allowed the uploading of Topless images to the Home Page Gallery
This means that Topless images must be Marked as

[ContainsTopless Nudity]
Members who wish to have an 'office safe' mode for the Home Page can toggle this option in their

 Home Page Settings (the link can be found on the top right of the Home Page)

To reiterate, this can ONLY work if all members select the correct nudity rating.

If in doubt leave the default as

[Contains Nudity Of Some Form] to prevent Gallery appearance .

Note that members who mis-rate images risk a Gallery Ban or Suspension.
These are the definitions that Purestorm uses for Topless and Nude :-


#a5a5a5;">The attention of Premium members is drawn to this extract from Clause 3.3 of the Terms of Use:-
#a5a5a5;">3.3 Purestorm.com TM has guidelines regarding posting of appropriate images, email addresses, content, and links. You agree to read and adhere to the guidelines as posted throughout the site. Premium members may, as a privilege and at the discretion of Purestorm.com, be allowed to upload images to a showcase Gallery on strict condition that they comply with upload instructions and on the understanding that non-compliance may result in a Gallery Ban.  #a5a5a5;">*#a5a5a5;">Premium member images may, at the discretion of Purestorm, be displayed
on the Latest Images page and some may also be selected for display in
the Home Page showcase Gallery.

Posted 30 Dec 2009
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