~§~ FACEBOOK WARNING ! ! ! ~§~

~§~ FACEBOOK WARNING ! ! ! ~§~

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1 Nov 2009
It has come to our attention that a fraudster is posing on Facebook as being the owner of this site
and also falsely claiming to be the owner of the Purestorm.com and Purestorm.co.uk domains.

He is also calling himself James when of course our owner / webmaster is Matt
(the real James owns a friendly US-based site that most of our Moderators are also members of)

If this sad fantasist contacts you or invites you to join his 'private' Facebook page / group
feel free to tell him to #ff0000;">go get a life and please report conversations using the Contact us link.

The name Purestorm® is a Registered Trademark™ and its use without  authorisation is fraud.

Posted: 03 December 2009 15:42
#ff0000;">We understand that this fraudster may now be calling himself 'James Smith'.
#000000;">He has absolutely nothing to do with Purestorm and should be avoided at all costs
#000000;">on the basis that anyone who lies about being co-owner of this site might pose a threat to models.

Posted: 26 November 2010 11:57
In light of recent problems including the creation of fake Purestorm accounts on FB and
cloned members' accounts would everyone please note Clause 6.1.4 of the Terms of Use.
6.1.4 Links and/or URLs to Facebook personal pages or Facebook Groups are not permitted in profile notes, casting calls, or forum posts.

Posted: 12 June 2011 11:42
I has been drawn to our attention that a Manchester-based photographer is using the names
Purestorm Elite and PURE STORM MODELS
on facebook and has also created a website using the name PurestormElite
This person has no conection with Purestorm Ltd or the Purestorm.com website

The name Purestorm® is a Registered Trademark™ of Purestorm Ltd.

Posted: 15 August 2012 19:28
WARNING! Mike Turner is NOT a Purestorm Staff Member!
Several models have today contacted us as they have been contacted through Social Networking sites
by someone calling himself Mike Turner who claims to be a "Staff Member of the Purestorm Agency".
  • Purestorm is NOT a Model Agency
  • There is no staff member called Mike Turner
  • Purestorm does not try to sign up models through other sites.
    05 September 2012 21:44
It seems there is yet another fraudster exploiting Facebook's atrocious registration policy
which allows fakers to 'pass off' as anyone they want to be.
This one is calling himself or herself purestorm-modelling-agency.
(Our thanks to the alert member who spotted and reported this fraudster)
To emphasise how serious this is, over the last few days we have had several contacts from
non-members asking if Purestorm was really offering them work or agency representation through Facebook

02 December 2012 12:32
Another Facebook Fraudster is currently contacting models saying he is a Purestorm Agent
and asking them to pose on webcam for him and to contact him via skype.
He tells them he will send money via postal order and will also send make-up and clothes.
A number of models have contacted us to check if this is genuine, which of course it isn't.

NOTE: We have no grounds to believe there is any connection with Purestorm members of similar name.
If you do not wish to be contacted by these scummers please do not make your contact details visible.

10 December 2012 07:53
The account Purestorm England is yet another fraudulent FB registration.


Posted 1 Nov 2009
Edited by ForumModerator 19 Jan 2013
We have again been contacted by an aspiring model querying if Mike Turner is a staff member.
We do not know if he is a fantasist or a fraudster but Mike Turner does NOT work for Purestorm.
If anyone contacts you through Facebook claiming to be a Purestorm Agent or Staff Member
please use the [ Contact us ] link while logged into your Purestorm account to Report this.
Posted 19 Jan 2013
Edited by ForumModerator 19 Jan 2013

Photographer member paulbatterbury who runs college-uniform.com has been in touch to ask
that we warn models that a fake FaceBook page has been set up purporting to be his website.
If any Model has reservations about any FB contact passing off as college-uniform.com
please PM Paul to discuss and seek verification that it is indeed him contacting you.

Posted 3 Sep 2013
Edited by matt 6 Sep 2013
It seems we have another sad individual out there pretending he works for Purestorm,
but this time he is claiming he can offer models £950/hr for topless modelling.
Neither he nor his mythical boss Helen work for the Purestorm Portfolio Hosting website.
Purestorm is NOT an Agency and this hosting site does not directly hire models.
Posted 18 Sep 2014
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