Cruise ship MUA - Anyone done it?

Cruise ship MUA - Anyone done it?

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10 Sep 2009
Make Up Artist

I've been advised that work as a MUA on a cruise ship is quite fun. Kind of get the feel of travelling while doing what youre trained to do. Obviously unless you were  lucky and met the right person it wouldnt get you any further in your career I guess, but would be quite an experience?.

Has anyone done this? Is it a good idea? I can't decide if it would be the kind of thing I'd like to do for a bit or not.

Thanks peeps!

Posted 10 Sep 2009
I worked the cruise ships for 4 years... depends on the company you work for... you may be required to work 15 hr days or you may only do 6/8 ... if you have any questions ref companies etc pm me and can help you.

Posted 10 Sep 2009
Hi holly although not done it myself I did when I was younger but I had a fella I was with 4 years so this stopped me..the people who I have spoken too who have worked on cruiselibers have had a quail of a time..I also worked at a college as a beauty technician so know a lot of info..
The hours are long but you get acomodation and meals free..drinks and cigarettes are cheap and you get between a day and a day and a half off to do what you's generally when you stop at a port so you can have a look around wherever you are.
If I were you I would go for it..if I were younger and not attached I is short..besides if you don't like it 8 months ain't too will fly round..
Also a great opportunity to meet new people..

Alesha x

Posted 10 Sep 2009
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