Advice needed for a new MUA

Advice needed for a new MUA

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3 Sep 2009
Make Up Artist
Hi, I'm new to the industry and just starting out on trying to build my port and hopefully get some paid work.  I got an email for a guy who has mentioned that he likes to cross dress and wants some help with make-up and creating an outrageous look for his feminine side.

He has mentioned that he won't be able to do it at his house because hewon't be able to get the place to himself which leads me to believe nobody knows about his hobby. Now that doesn't bother me because as far as I'm concerned its what ever floats your boat honey, but my husband is being very over protective and thinks that I shouldn't be too naive about it as I don't know this guy from Adam, that being said he still thinks it would be a great opportunity for me to get some pictures for my port. He is insisting on coming with me, I'm pregnant at the moment so he could be just carrying my gear for me but I really wouldn't like to offend or embarrass the guy if he is genuine?

I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this, am I playing with fire? Has anyone else done a job like this? He has asked if I can sort a location so should I suggest that we organise a photographer with a studio and he should pay for professional shots to be taken? Someone mentioned that I get him to book a hotel room,. but would that be a bit weird?

Hope someone can give me some advice

Posted 3 Sep 2009
Make Up Artist
either way - you are pregnant so taking along a helping hand to carry your kit should not be a problem for the person booking you, whether they be male or female. Your other half could pop to the pub or shops for a bit or take a friend, or student Make-up artist to observe. (an assistant)

You do have to look out for your personal safety if you are working with people you have never met before but Judging the people who want to book you comes with experience (you can usually tell if somethings a bit fishy)
Feeling confident working with new people (aka strangers) - comes with time.
Maybe arrange a meeting prior to the shoot to discuss ideas etc, If this sets minds at rest.

But if your just not comfortable - don't do the job.

good idea = photographer with a studio - This guy who wants you to do his make-up should also see a studio shoot as a benefit!!

Also there are companies who specialise in trasvestite - transexual - transgender make-overs etc - search online.
maybe you or he could enquire at one of these studios/companies.

good luck - hope this helps

Posted 7 Sep 2009
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