Starter and Advanced Studio Lighting Courses at Lowford Studio

Starter and Advanced Studio Lighting Courses at Lowford Studio

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28 Aug 2009

Welcome to Lowford Studio, Southampton.

I, Chris Brick ABIPP ASWPP, will be running two studio lighting courses at Lowford Studio in the near future. All my courses are based on quality not quantity so each course will be limited to a maximum of 4 people and are one day in duration and I mean one day (1000-1800) not 4 or 5 hours like other courses.
The courses are based on practical participation so you will be working or taking pictures, all day. Not standing around waiting for someone else to have a go.
I’m not going to show you how I do it and I'm not going to show you have someone else does it. I will give you the knowledge and experience to do it yourself and create you own style, not copy someone else’s.

The first is an Advanced Studio Lighting Course on the 5th of September and I have two, possible three places left and will consist of the following:

Lighting for the Female Model

Lighting for the Male Model

Lighting Techniques (Three Lights)

Lighting Techniques (Four Lights)

Set Lighting

Glamour Lighting Techniques

Art Nude Lighting Techniques

Ring Flash Techniques

Multi Flash Techniques

High Speed Flash Techniques

The second course is a Basic studio Lighting Course on the 10th of October, perfect for cutting your teeth in the studio environment. At the moment I have one, possibly two places left. Again the course will start at 1000 and end at 1800 and will consist of:

Studio Etiquette

Model/Photographer Collaboration and Behavior

Health and Safety


Planning a Studio Shoot

Studio Lighting (Types)

Studio Lighting Modifiers

Studio Lighting Triggers

Use of Props

Use of Backgrounds

Portrait Lighting Techniques

Studio Lighting Techniques (Single Light)

Studio Lighting Techniques (Use of Reflectors)

Studio Lighting Techniques (Two Lights)

These course cost £195 and £130 respectively and if you wish to book, please call me on 02380 407111 or 07549522949 and i can take your deposit which is fully refundable if the course does not go ahead. This will only happen if we do not have enough attendees to cover costs/model frees.

Look forward to seeing you.

Posted 28 Aug 2009
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