~§~ Rules for this Studio account holders' section ~§~"> ~§~ Rules for this Studio account holders' sec...

~§~ Rules for this Studio account holders' section ~§~

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27 Aug 2009
Welcome to our new section for #ff0000;">Studio Account holders to advertise Studio Workshops & Tutorial sessions
Only Studio & Tutor account holders may advertise in this dedicated section of the forums.
Note that this section is NOT intended for advertising Studio hours / availability.
Would members please keep thread titles simple, short and snappy.
Exceedingly long thread titles mess up both the forum listings and the post header.
There is plenty of space in the body of the post for adding fine detail.
Also please only advertise specific dates - do not use this section for general advertising.
Posts containing external contact details will be removed - please keep communications on-site.
#ff0000;">#ff0000;">Bumps will be deleted and the thread may be Locked.
#a5a5a5;">* Amended 10th August 2010
Amended April 2011
Amended March 2011
Posted 27 Aug 2009
Edited by Jacqui 3 Oct 2015
A small number of well-established Photographer members who offer commercial tuition

have been invited to create Tutor accounts and are now able to use in this section.

Please note that these accounts are only being made available to respected tutors with a proven track record.

Posted 12 Aug 2010
Edited by ForumModerator 13 Aug 2010
This section is once again only available to registered Studio & Tutor account holders.
Section Guidelines will be revised shortly.

This section should only be used for Tutorials & Workshops and not Model Days/Evenings.

Posted 30 March 2012
Edited by WebModerator 17 May 2012
A tiny number of Studio account holders are continuing to ignore the No-Bumping request
and hogging the forums and/or selfishly bumping other members' posts down the list.
Attention is drawn to this post in the Model Days sub-section which also applies to the Workshops sub-section.

Updated 16th November
Restrictions will shortly be introduced as some members are continuing to ignore the No Bumping request.
17th November - Threads are now being Locked if needlessly bumped.
18th Nov - It is acceptable to answer a query in your thread but unacceptable to bump* other threads down the list.

30th Nov - self-deleting & reposting the same event to try to stay at the top is also considered to be bumping
Jan '12 - posting timeslots as an excuse to update with a bump to the top will result in a Lock on the thread

*Bumping is posting in a topic you have started which results in your event ascending above other members' events
Note that blatantly bumping a thread on behalf of the original poster can also lead to it being Locked.

Ridiculously large images posted into the forums will be replaced with this one until the topic starter fixes their post:-
Posted 25 May 2012
Edited by WebModerator 11 March 2018
It seems this conversation has now been locked