Guideline: Use Of This Section

Guideline: Use Of This Section

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23 Aug 2009

This section is intended primarily for the promotion of
¤ Model & Photographer Events Of Interest To Our Community
¤ Studio Open Days - Where Studio members Are Offering A Chance To View
¤ #ff0000;">Non-Profit Group Shoots Open For All Members To Participate

The section is NOT intended for promotion of commercial
'Model Days' or 'Model Nights'  or for General Studio Hire Business

If a Premium Model is participating in a Studio Model Day / Evening
they should advertise in the  Casting Calls ***

If a Studio account holder is promoting a Studio Model Day
they should advertise this in Studio Model Days/Evenings

Agencies and Studios excepted, members can ONLY promote themselves
they cannot promote other members or non-members through their portfolio

#ff0000;">Please limit all posts in this section to Community Events, Studio Open Days
and Non-Commercial Group Shoots

#ff0000;">* See post of Sunday, September 27, 2009 2:38 PM
** Corrected to incorporate the 30th April 2011 Casting Calls Guideline

*** Revised March 2012

Posted 23 Aug 2009
Edited by WebModerator 29 Oct 2013

This section is NOT for advertising Model Days / Model Nights
it is intended primarily for publicising
Community Events or Studio Open Days or Group Shoots.

#ff0000;">Group shoots are where groups of models AND photographers band together on a non-profit basis
to shoot and network at locations that they would not otherwise use.

Commercial Model Days / Nights are #ff0000;">not Group Shoots
and where applicable will be moved to the relevant Studio Account sections if posted in here.

Posted 27 Aug 2009
Edited by WebModerator 29 Oct 2013
#ff0000;">Reminder: This Section Is Intended For Non-Commercial Events ONLY.

If charges are being incurred to cover venue/location fees they must be shared equally
and the organiser should NOT pocket any profit or additional revenue gathered.
An explanation of where fees are going MUST be clearly intimated.

Events which are evidently #ff0000;">COMMERCIAL in nature (i.e. where any member is earning) will be removed.

Model Day/Nights where models earn fees are NOT non-commercial and should currently be advertised
  by Premium Models in the Casting Calls section
or by Studio Account holders ONLY in
Studio Model Days/Evenings

Photographers looking to earn commission through promoting Model Days/Evenings
are NOT allowed to advertise this through their Purestorm Photographer account.

Posted 27 Sep 2009
Edited by ForumModerator 2 April 2012

We have recently had a rash of attempts at posting commercial shoot advertisements
many described as being 'Group Shoots' when they were clearly anything but.

This section is intended for #ff0000;">NON-COMMERCIAL events only.
The Castings facility exists for those seeking paid work

Posts in this section which are clearly COMMERCIAL advertisements will be removed without notice.

UPDATE - January 2010
We appreciate that many photographers selling portfolios are feeling the pinch at the moment
and so are trying to generate cash by organising / managing Model Days or Glamour Workshops.
At present ONLY registered Studio Account holders or Models may advertise such events but Matt
 is currently working on a seperate 'Service Providers' section to cater for commercial advertisers.

Posted 1 Nov 2009
Edited by Jacqui 6 Feb 2012
Recently we have had several members trying to find ways of getting around the rules
on promoting 'group shoots' or 'multi-photographer' shoots through Purestorm.
There are very sound reasons which we will not go into in public why we do not allow
the likes of 'events organisers' and 'charity promoters' to advertise through Purestorm.

Members wishing to propose a #ff0000;">non-commercial networking event open to #ff0000;">all members
may do so in this section just so long as the above rules are followed.
#0070c0;">Hire Studio account holders may promote #7030a0;">Model Days / Evenings in the relevant section.
#0070c0;">Premium Model members may publicise #0070c0;">Model Days/Evenings they are running here.
Events #0070c0;">supporting named #0070c0;">charities, subject to meeting certain criteria, may be promoted #7030a0;">here.
Members seeking #0070c0;">charity sponsorship, subject to meeting certain criteria, may do so #7030a0;">here.

#ff0000;">Any 'bending' of the rules to promote events which do not fall within site guidelines is unacceptable
If an option is not available, there is almost certainly a good reason why it is not being made available.

Updated 21 Jan 2012 - If organising commercial events please note this associated topic:-
~§~ Events Facilitators ~§~
Posted 5 Oct 2010
Edited by ForumModerator 2 April 2012
Would members please not add links to external Groups in this section.
Certain safety issues - including stalking and non-members passing off as members - have given cause for concern.
Please also remember that this section is intended for Purestorm Community events.

Posted 6 Feb 2012
Edited by WebModerator 29 Oct 2013
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