~§~ My profile and pictures on google ~§~ ">~§~ My profile and pictures on google ~§~

~§~ My profile and pictures on google ~§~

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22 Aug 2009
Hi there,

I regularly check what is going on on Google when you type in my name and have never had a problem before. But now my purestorm profile comes up.

This means that everyone can see my nude and topless images. I was always under the impression that only members of this site who were logged in could see them, but I was wrong emoticon

What I would like to know is if there is a setting to put images so that not everyone can see them?

I know I will get replies saying 'Don't put your images on here if you don't want people to see them' but i don't mind all of you seeing them, just not my friends and the rest of the world!

I'm going to change my nude and topless images so they are covered but if anyone would like to give me any advise it would be helpful. emoticon

Posted 22 Aug 2009
Nude images on profiles are intended to be seen by anyone viewing the site ...
unless they have a 'net nanny' programme installed to
prevent children seeing nudity or they live in a nation state which prohibits display of nudity.

The only image censorship Purestorm
undertakes is the prohibition of pornographic or explicit genitalia
images plus the limitation of the Home Page Gallery to non-nude images only.

Members should also be aware that Google and the other Search Engines cache web pages for years, maybe forever, on their mega-servers and it is possible that images uploaded to the net might come back to haunt models well into the future if they use their real name on their profile.

This is why members have the option to use an alias and a username that is different from their
real name - although real names are required for registration purposes.

If Google picks up your real name because you have used it on the visible part of your profile
due to the popularity of Purestorm it is possible that your cached profile
will rate very high in searches and might stay there for quite some time.

Purestorm, like all openly viewable websites, has no control over what Search Engines cache.

[ Moving thread to FAQs section where it will not get lost ]

Posted 22 Aug 2009
Edited by WebModerator 15 March 2012
The recent change in Google's privacy policy seems to have prompted some members / ex-members
to run an Image Search on themselves and this has thrown up Google cached images / thumbnails
of portfolio content posted on Purestorm in the past but later deleted from profiles.

If properly deleted prior to closing an account these images will usually no longer be on Purestorm servers and therefore
we cannot remove them nor can we rename them (or re-attribute past filenames) as they do not physically exist on here.

Note also that if you included your real name anywhere on your profile
(including as your username or your alias or in your notes or your image descriptions)
the major Search Engines will have picked this up and may point to cached versions of the page
even if you have replaced your name on your current page - Search Engine cached pages are snapshots in time.

Purestorm has no control over Google or the many other Search Engines or Image Search applications.

If you do not wish everyone with access to the internet to see an image please do not post it on Purestorm.

Posted 15 March 2012
Edited by WebModerator 15 March 2012
Please be aware that if you upload an image to your portfolio or into a forum thread
but later delete it there is still a very distinct possibility that Google will have cached
both a thumbnail and an enlarged version on their .gstatic.com  image servers

The image result that searchers see is NOT on Purestorm - it is on Google's own servers
Purestorm cannot delete this cached or ghost image as it is not on our image servers

Posted 13 May 2013
Edited by WebModerator 13 May 2013
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