Can anyone help!!

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7 April 2009
I have a shoot in the next few weeks around a boxing theme and need to know how to create the look of a black eye! (I cant afford a MUA as I am waiting for my student loan to come in, and I can do the gorey side well as had a LOT of practice on Halloween!) 

I already have a slight black eye from rugby but dont really want to make it bigger just for a shoot!

Help really apprechiated!
Posted 7 April 2009
It would probably be easier to add it in photoshop after the fact.

Posted 7 April 2009
Just want to try and make it look as natural as possible and am not a fan of using photoshop to do something that I could do with a little help! 

Posted 8 April 2009
Dont know if it will help, but it does xx
Posted 8 April 2009
Thats brilliant thank you hunni!!

Posted 8 April 2009
Make Up Artist
dont want to give you any secrets thats what we get paid for but you could just use some purple, red and blue, flat eye shaddow blending from the inside of the eye outwards if you want an old bruise use yellow blue and green

Posted 16 April 2009
Make Up Artist
pm sent x

Posted 25 April 2009
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