Foundation Rut!

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5 April 2009

I have a MAC studio finish foundation I generally use for all my shoots.  Recently, for some unknown reason, my skin is paler than my foundation, and I don't have any lighter, as I use the lightest MAC shade, and it seems to be two or so shades too dark for me.

I use MAC because they don't test on animals, but the lightest shade they do is now too dark. 
Does anyone have any suggestions about foundations and concealers suitable for really sensitive, really really pale skin, for studiowear/photography that doesn't test on animals?

Posted 5 April 2009
Make Up Artist
sent you a pm hun x

Posted 6 April 2009
Make Up Artist
MAC Pro makes a white foundation in the Face and Body range. You can mix it with all foundations. I don't use the Studio fix or studio techs myself unless I'm doing a tv ad out in the sun or a music video, the Face and body foundations are fab for photoshoots but won't give you a lasting full cover for tv/film. The N1 and C1 are sometimes too dark and I've had the very same problem many times, not having a foundation light enough! This white one really works though. You can also try the neautralizing primers from Yves Saint Laurent or the mattefying lotion from Givenchy, it'll lighten your skin about 1-2 shades.
All the best/L
Posted 26 May 2009
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