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United Kingdom, England, London
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Added by paulfcm16 - 26 March 2012
Had a great shoot with Erin on Saturday, fun to work with, professional and needing very little direction - a lot done in a short session. Highly recommended.
Added by willwhite - 27 Oct 2011
This is one great woman. I had a fantastic shoot with her and her two buddies from the USA. A delight to work with, nothing was too much trouble. Would definitely recommend her. Good fun. Thanks v much. Will
Added by mfahim27753 - 19 Oct 2011
Had a fabulous shoot with Erin today and two of her friend from US. It was fun, a great shoot, and she is stunning. Will definitely book without a doubt. Thank you, Erin. :)
Added by Headshots - 19 Oct 2011
Had a great shoot with Erin and her 2 friends today, Fab model. will book again
Added by Phil_H - 17 Jan 2011
I'm slightly biased as I'm lucky enough to count e-string as good friend and one of the best models I've worked with in the last couple of years. She brings an infectious smile to the set, a willingness to bust ass to get the shot we're looking for and infinite patience. She truly is a joy to work with and I can't recommend her highly enough. Thanks E, I'm already looking forward to the next time we work together.
Added by photoshawe - 16 Oct 2010
Had a shoot with Erin on Thursday. It is easy to see from her pictures on this and other sites that she is a beautiful girl. She is also an outstanding and dedicated model, professional and responsive, contributing without dominating. What I found in addition is that she is a charming warm and friendly personality that makes it a delight to be in her company and work with her, and enhances even further the chance of some great shots.
Added by canescence - 27 Sep 2010
Erin was an absolute delight to work with. She has a fabulous look and contributed massively to the shoot with great ideas and incredible shapes. She's also a terrific photographer in her own right and so "gets" quickly what you're looking for. Highly recommended. Oh and if you need to know about Roller Derby, Erin's the model for you. Really looking forward to working with Erin again.
Added by DSquared - 7 Sep 2010
One of the very best art models in the UK and definitely the best value for money. I shot her for a magazine spread and she was, as always, amazing. Book her now before she increases her rates to match her ability.
Added by Hugh - 27 July 2010
Five days and 1,200 miles shooting on location in the Scottish Highlands with Erin were a wonderful experience. Always cheerful, never complaining in spite of cold, rain, and midge bites, always keen to shoot more, and constantly producing a stream of great poses. A true professional, and right at the top of my list for any other location trips.
Added by ashleycameron - 12 July 2010
It's not often you get to work with such a professional, game, fun loving, beautiful perfectionist model as Erin. I couldn't have asked for more from her, she gave everything she could to the shoot and has left me with so many fantastic images that's it's going to take forever to sort through them. A joy to photograph and spend time with - book her and pay her double, she's worth it.
Added by AlecD - 31 May 2010
Worked with Erin recently at her place. Had a fantastic shoot. Erin is a great model who I have been wanting to shoot for awhile. I could of just sat back and clicked away at the poses she came up with, but do like a spot of direction here and there, which she managed perfectly and professionally. Wouldnt hesitate to recommend her to anyone.
Added by TheShinyOne - 26 May 2010
Enjoyed a fine and productive shoot with Erin today, the time disappeared really quickly and I only got through some of the ideas I had - I'll just have to book another shoot to complete them. An outstanding model, Erin has charm, ability to improvise and a marvellous figure. recommended.
Added by andypearman - 8 May 2010
Had an afternoon/evening shoot with Erin this week. Fantastic pre-soot comms with loads of ideas for costumes and props and during the shoot the poses were flowing with little instruction from me ... and I learnt all about roller derby as well - bonus :) Amazing what Erin can do with her body - flexible body and natural beauty as well and absolute proof that you get what you pay for. Thanks Erin and I look forward to working with you again soon.
Added by TimHaylock - 12 Oct 2009
Erin is a truly fantastic model, staggeringly inventive and flexible, not to mention beautiful! She was a real pleasure to work with; friendly and approachable but also highly professional, and with a great understanding of how her body appears from different angles - in fact working with her almost felt like cheating, as she moved effortlessly from one superb pose into another! She was also more than happy to be directed into my own ideas, and gave me plenty of useful feedback and suggestions which definitely improved the images. I can honestly say I was extremely impressed, even given her superb reputation, and I can't recommend her highly enough.
Added by Siras - 2 Oct 2009
Worked with Erin about a year ago and really love the resulting images. Not only was she fun and interesting to work with but she has a depth of knowledge and great intuition regarding how to turn a good pose into a great one. I shall certainly look forward to working with her again and cannot rate her highly enough !!.

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34in (86cm)
Cup Size
Skin Color
25in (63cm)
125lbs (56kg)
37in (93cm)
Hair Color
Hair Length
67in (5' 7") (170cm)
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United Kingdom, England, London
Model, Female, 38
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8 Feb 2012
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1 Oct 2009
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7 Jan 2011
Up to nude
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Paid work only
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Hair Modeling
My profile is long-ish but organised, and you'll likely find everything you need to know here.

Thanks for viewing!
Creating art with wonderful artists and friends is my passion. I love fashion as well but am always happy to be nude. It's freeing, anywhere and everywhere.

I am a versatile, published professional with credits and references. If you're curious about shooting, ask! Preferably in a private message.

I could write a flowery exposition on why and how I so dearly love our little corner of the world we call art... but I shouldn't have to. I hope that you see my sheer devotion, joy, and bare soul in the photographs. I hope you are moved. I'm not happy if I can't evoke an emotion (any emotion) in those who view my work, and I'll keep striving to create something meaningful. I have at times been called 'muse' by a special few, and I do not use that term lightly.

I do not have the most beautiful face, nor a perfect body. However, I do know how to pose, and work with my assets. Freely or with direction, simple or contorted. I still practice and am always learning. I'm relatively flexible, creative, willing to make a fool of myself in pursuit of a good shot, and can hold still for periods of time.

~I show up on time, prepared, and wearing a great big genuine smile. (I laugh. A lot!) If you have a concept that entails difficult conditions of any sort, I'm your girl. I love the challenge and will work hard to make sure you get what you envisioned... or better. I seek beauty, conventional and otherwise. I seek to inspire.

~I am available for paid assignments with photographers of any level. My rates are a great deal. If you're a newer photographer, I bring my experience to the table and enjoy sharing what I've learned.
~I also do TFD (Time For Dior). (But wouldn't turn down McQueen!) ;)
~If makeup, hair, and/or styling is needed, our results will usually be far better if it is not done by me. I love collaboration with all members of a team.
~I live in a large Victorian house which is a great shoot location and is easily accessible by train from central London.

~My skin is clear and smooth, with a few minor imperfections. I avoid lines from the sun and tight clothing before a shoot.
~My stats are current and accurate.
~I look good in my glasses. I also have contacts. My eyes change colour.
~I have piercings - 1 in each ear, 1 in my navel. All are removable. No tattoos.

~Interested in: Art, of any kind. Some beauty, editorial, fashion (including runway), commercial, lifestyle.

~I absolutely love to travel and will do so anywhere in the world if expenses are covered, which can be the sole form of compensation. I just want to get to work with as many artists as possible!

I'm a London Rollergirl, and my team is the Steam Rollers... no, roller derby isn't the most brilliant idea for a nude model and violinist, but too bad, I'm hooked. On the bright side, it has really tightened my body and increased my strength.
I have a music degree and a media studies concentration from St. Olaf College, and a post-baccalaureate paralegal certificate. I play violin (over 25 years experience) and a few other instruments, and I sing a little. More things I love: nature and animals, The Beatles, Tolkien, Kubrick, David Lynch, and Bill Hicks.. to name a mere few. Oh, and zombies.

PLEASE see my other work at the following places!

I have many international credits in galleries, print, awards/contests, runway and more. Here are some highlights.
(* denotes multiple shoots)

Spencer Tunick
*Chip Willis
*Gary Breckheimer
*Ashley Cameron
*James M. Graham
*Brooks Ayola
*ravens laughter
*T H Taylor
*Sanders McNew
fotorat (Roberto Aguilar)
Steve Kraitt
Tito Trelles-MADE IN NY
Marko Cecic-Karuzic (La Seine by the Hudson)
Simon Gerzina
Constantine Gedal (cx image)
Lucinda Wedge
Sita Mae Edwards
Will Springfield
Corwin Prescott
*Michael Sloane
*Ian Leake
*Lee Gillies
Dave Rudin
Renée Jacobs
D. Brian Nelson
Christopher Bush
Athen Grey
Michael Rosen
Wayne Sclesky
Thom Rouse
*Christopher Grey
*Danny Bourne
*David Swanson (Shadowscape Studio)
*Stephen Melvin
*Dean Lavery
*Stephen Haynes
*Matthew Scherfenberg
Dave Levingston
Pat Thielen

Of course, feel free to contact anyone who has worked with me if you'd like a reference. Or ask me if you'd like, and I'll give you names to contact.

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Great shoot! Please feel free to view his profile. There is more of me there as well.
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