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GLOUCESTERSHIRE + SOMERSET! Touring Keira brings outfits & shapes galore!

Payment can be by money or goods, as mutually agreed

Member types required: Photographer, Studio




Warm New Year hugs everyone! As we emerge out of all the festive madness, I do hope you get a chance to check out my mad casting... Furthermore, I'd be over the moon to hear from any lovely photographers who might be interested in arranging some creativity now we move into 2019 and I finalise my first tour of the year. Big smile

Y'all that reside in the Bristol, Gloucester/Cheltenham, Wiltshire, Somerset areas - let's talk shoots. Lets talk expressively innovative poppy portraits. Lets talk shapely-toned jaw-dropping shapes. Lets talk stunning locations for artistic and editorial styles. Lets talk high-end glamorousness with bespoke wardrobe wear with the cool hair/makeup. Lets talk simplistic narrative beauty with a story.

Whatever your photographic interests may be into 2019, as an experienced professional model offering dynamic versatility: you can rest assured that if we work together, there will be a mass of opportunities to mould numerous aesthetic looks from a single shoot, or focus on a specialised style.

Your goals for a shoot idea become my goals.
Your openness for shared creativity triggers my enthusiastic input.
It's a team exercise from start to finish.

The Plan

Mid January, I make my way South (by car) where I will pass by a lot of towns/cities around the Gloucester, Wiltshire, Somerset areas. Because I have my own transport, I have complete flexibility to tailor my tour to the locations of interested photographers. The benefit of booking me on such a trip means you get the best possible rate with the absence of travel costs (which would be added to the rate if you booked me specifically to travel there and back in the day independently).

I will have with me, an EMORMOUS assortment of creative wardrobe: everything from the classic favourites like boudoir numbers and floaty things to vintage wear/steampunk. Plus completely bespoke items made completely unique including full dresses, body jewellery (great to accessorise with, or for bodyscapes), lingerie and latex. I will also happily discuss personally with interested photographers and bring anything you specifically request as standard.

Shooting venues/locations might include local studios which I have a good radar of from previous tours... Outdoor locations from dramatic landscapes to more urban areas... Photographers own locations which might include shooting in a home setting or at a home studio... Discussion is always open to different venues, I will also be bringing some small continuous lights myself along with reflectors to aid wherever they can.

The Keira code

Upon booking me It is automatically my promise that you will get the very best dedicated Keira work ethic from me: I came into this line of work through having a natural streak for creative and artistic work so I can confidently say that I pose for the authentic love of the work. I am delighted to work with both professional and amateur photographers with an unquestionable hard working and keen approach to help them get the best out of their booked time with me.

Despite the ramble/some of the savage looks exhibited in my portfolio: I'm actually a very friendly and easy going person. Sticking out tongue Shoots often go ahead with plenty of laughs whilst we work, chatterbox warning and highly excitable energy levels!

When posing, I do so very confidently and can portray a very vast range of flexible/athletic body shapes with expressive faces and a connection with the theme/concept at hand. Though I require no direction as an experienced model, I am happy to take it if you see something specific/have a set shot you are working towards.

Any photographer who books we is welcome to free samples of my extended range of herbal tea. Sticking out tongue Up to now, approximately 0.5% have taken me up on the offer. They are still alive and kicking despite the undeniably strange appearance to some of my teas! X-D


Let us communicate and make stuff happen!

£45 per hour (2-3 hours), £160 (4 hours), £280 (8 hours).

Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire etc.

Fashion - full frontal nude.

16th - 18th Jan 2019.


From: 16 January 2019 To: 17 January 2019
United Kingdom, England, Bath and North East Somerset, Bath
United Kingdom, England, Gloucestershire, Gloucester
United Kingdom, England, Gloucestershire, Cheltenham
United Kingdom, England, Bristol, Bristol
United Kingdom, England
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