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West Midlands (passing by) a versatile and creative professional shape-maker for January shootiness!

Payment can be by money or goods, as mutually agreed

Member types required: Photographer, Studio

Everyone fed up of turkey sandwiches yet and looking forward to some fresh creativity in 2019? ;)

After a very busy year getting here, there and everywhere... Keira finds herself in the West Midlands area for the first exciting shooting adventure of the year, and for a limited time only! I am passing by this neck of the woods on my way to the South West - whilst my availability might be slightly limited to specific travelling dates, my usual professionally innovative get-up-and-go is in no way limited; with everything on the cards from creative studio work to picturesque outdoor location magic. :D If you are based I this part of the world & would like to work together - hola at me now! <3


But first, y'all might require some details I suppose! :P

Tuesday 15th January - Thursday 17th January

A general route South on the M6/M5 from Cheshire to Gloucestershire, but detours very possible with own transport so
Staffordshire, Birmingham, Worcestershire etc. may be on the cards.

Shooting levels/styles?
Levels covered are from fashion to full frontal nude with complete body confidence across all. Styles range from simple
beauty/portraiture to more stylised fashion (with very unique and bespoke garments to hand)… Then the more glam 
including lingerie/pinup/classic glamour and of course arty as can be with fine art nude/bodyscapes and location nudes. 
Non-explicit erotic is also a style option and light fetish styles may also be considered: clarify details upon enquiring. 

Very happy to work in a studio if there are controlled light concepts you wish to shoot, many photographers I have worked
with also possess their own lighting equipment so working from a home location is fine... I am very well adapted and well
prepped for shooting outdoors so never be put off by the time of year if this is something you wish to work on.

Book me in these circumstances (on a tour) to get the very best value rates possible... No travel costs, just a flat professional
rate across all levels, with complete complementary benefits from my abilities as a makeup artist/hair stylist too.
2-3 hours - £45 per hour, 4 hours/half day - £160, 8 hours/full day - £280.


And that's the essentials. :) But if you'd like to know anything else at all/wish to chat about a specific idea or anything of the like; please don't hesitate to make contact with me. I am very friendly/easy going/approachable and here to help with whatever queries you might have. My view is that every shoot is a productive team cooperation to get the best out of the time you have to reach a brief, or just have a blast working through creative off-the-wall ideas. Both professional and amateur photographers can express their interest as experience levels do not matter, I am here to be as much of an ideas creator as you are happy for me to be. [INSERT "HIGH-FIVE" EMOJI].

Lots-o madness guaranteed.
Plenty-o imagination promised.
Masses-o dedication sworn.
Billions-o laughs included.
Many-a herbal tea... Okay, fear not. You don't have to swerve from your usual 'proper' brew/coffee rituals. ;)


From: 14 January 2019 To: 15 January 2019
United Kingdom, England, Wolverhampton
United Kingdom, England, Birmingham
United Kingdom, England, Staffordshire, Stafford
United Kingdom, England, Worcestershire, Worcester
United Kingdom, England
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