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*Cheshire* A very rare opportunity to catch this professional art model in your area. Fashion - full frontal nude.

Payment can be by money or goods, as mutually agreed

Member types required: Photographer

IT'S Nearly 2019!!!!!! :P

Yep - right upon us so it is... Whatever your plans over the celebratory period, here's a good dollop of Keira-positivity to remind everyone to do stuff they enjoy and just have a good time making their own fun with the time-off over the remainder of the holidays. :) Then, when next year comes; y'all can have got on-board for Keira's first tour of 2019!! ;)

Next region to deliver some creative mayhem: CHESHIRE!

Photo-making folksies in Chester, Warrington, Crewe and even Liverpool... Etc. Etc. I am passing by your area on my way further South. Therefore; whether your ideal shoot is out and about on location or in a studio with control of the lights - isn't it time we worked together (either again or for the first time) and made epic use of my unusual availability right on your doorstep? :D

One thing I strive to inject professionally into every shoot I accept is a positively prolific teamwork-orientated flow. Shooting is a very authentic love of mine which grew from genuine interest from art and creativity from the start. And now, I project that drive into working alongside others with the common goal of making imagery which pops! Whether the style of interest is arty in itself, stylised or suggestive/story telling: My job is to express by means of animated facial expressions/body shapes, but also be on-hand as a part of a creative partnership in the process. Period! I've been doing this job for several years, and still become ecstatic about the work. That in itself speaks massively. :)

In short: Rest assured that this model will move heaven and earth with hard work and dedication when booked.

"Oh, but Keira has lots of quality images in her portfolio and looks a bit well-to-do... Plus writes that way too with good grammar/detail. She must be reaaaalllllyyyyyy scary in person!"
...LOL, well I have a good "snarl" face if you need it for the shot. But other than that, the strange looking teas I drink are probably the scariest thing about me. :P I've been really fortunate to shoot with some amazing professional photographers with iconic styles/knowledge of styles, but I really enjoy taking on shoots with total novice/amateur photographers too and helping them in their journey to make images they feel proud of. So please: DO NOT hesitate to get in touch.

In short: All levels of photographers welcome.

The work in my portfolio is a diverse representation of what I can do as a model. It is deliberately mixed because there are a good several styles that you could say I "specialise" in rather than just one. I do a lot of beauty/portraiture work and have good clear skin/a natural look that is well suited, I possess a massive selection of outfits with many bespoke items and very specialised pieces for creative fashion/editorial work, I work locations very effectively and have high fitness levels to take on challenging landscapes/poses in dramatic places, my physique is distinct for nude/sculptural work whether fine-art or body-scapes and my ability to emote as an actress opens options for all kinds of narrative styles.

In short: Photographers who only shoot fashion should not be put off as I do have an extensive range of this style and vice versa with nude styles. They call it versatility. :)

If you would like to know anything else about me, please do not hesitate to ask. :D


Now back to talking about this specific trip plan if You've managed to keep up with the rambling! Details below...

Sunday the 13th of January - Morning/early afternoon.

Anywhere in Cheshire/Merseyside but I have my own transport so happy to consider other surrounding areas.

I can recommend Pathway Studios in Chester, but photographers own places are also fine; as is outdoor work under controlled conditions. I also have complimentary continous lights and a reflector that I'll be bringing to help where needed.

Fashion to full frontal nude including non-explicit erotic and light fetish (enquire within for specifics).

Best possible rates on tour... Save up to £45 with travel costs wiped: 2-3 hours = £45ph, 4 hours/half day = £160.


<3 Hola this way interested parties! <3

From: 13 January 2019 To: 13 January 2019
United Kingdom, England, Cheshire West and Chester, Chester
United Kingdom, England, Cheshire East
United Kingdom, England, Liverpool
United Kingdom, England
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