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Sardinia - one-to-one full days, beaches, beautiful villa ALL-IN DEAL!

Payment can be by money or goods, as mutually agreed

Member types required: Photographer

Hello Everyone, thank you very much for stopping by. :)

So this year has been a truly productive one with multiple wonderfully memorable photo trips/holidays ran in conjunction with Arts Voyage (model-ran events platform between myself and fellow co-host; Renaissance). Portugal back in May was the first big duo event of the year - what a time we had! Valuable one-to-one shooting experienced with the added (small) social element to network/discuss "shooty" related topics with fellow photographers in the down-time outside of shoot hours or just relax and enjoy the sun! Crete was the same just a couple of weeks ago - haven't yet shared the images fully but they are coming to PP very soon! And then of course an in-between solo event which I ran as a smaller trip to Prague/Czech Republic bringing a different sort of experience exploring high fashion and magical countryside themes...

Well, given that we now have two sold-out duo trips to look forward to next year (here's to all the excitement it's near impossible to contain for Malta and Menorca!) …I am looking at doing another solo trip in-between to the enchanting island of Sardinia.


There are a few things which differ slightly from the big duo trips;

It's solo model for photographers who might wish to focus more on solo shooting ideas.

There is the option to do the full week like is standard for the big duo trips. But; 3 day blocks are also possible available for those of you tempted by a slightly shorter time.

Of course every trip we ever do promises one-to-one shooting time (unless otherwise agreed between photographers attending) but the solo trip will only have one photographer physically on-site at one time (no overlap/more possibility to tailor the trip experience) and this also means that the photographer is welcome to bring their partner if they wish who could enjoy/relax on the trip or even assist during shooting! This isn't possible on the big duo event trips.  

But the same fabulous benefits that apply as always;

You call the shots in what you want to achieve from your time... Well thought bespoke creative themes will be put together especially tailored, but you treat this as you would any other shoot booking you make with a model.

Cooperation with the lovely villa enables us to use the place as a place of shooting around it's many gorgeously photogenic features: including private pool, lush gardens/surroundings, natural light amid photogenic interior.

Shooting locations extensively researched to bring you a catalogue of choice for where to shoot on this beautiful island - just say where and you will be driven to a location of interest.

Everything is included - you just book you own flights/travel insurance and bring your camera and you'll be able to rest assured the rest is sorted for a stress-free, excellent value trip experience.

You will be well looked after with catering as well as the chance to experience the delicious local cuisine at the end of each day to refuel from all the productivity.


I will actually have the opportunity to personally recce Sardinia as I go this winter for a (non-shooting) visit. By the end of November, I will have physical photos of researched and recced locations to show any interested/attending photographers and get the inspiration flowing from an early stage.

The isolated time period will be early June. Please get in touch with me where I will be able to provide additional information in relation to everything from cost, exact trip details, exact proposed dates/lee-way, the villa itself and all the relevant "need to knows" regarding the event at this location. Smile

Promo videos from past trips:

From: 01 June 2019 To: 08 June 2019
Italy, Sardinia
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