Created 22 Sep 2018 by KatieColeman


Payment can be by money or goods, as mutually agreed

Member types required: Photographer



hello all so i'm dropping my rates to 15hr very happy to shoot any levels and ideas no matter how wacky or crazy they are up to nude (i dont do open leg or adult) keeping my rate at 15hr till February so whod like to book me?


benefits of shooting with me: I'm always willing to shoot any wacky crazy ideas so i know you have something different for your portfolio. I'm crazy wacky and fun my self so i know you'll have a good laugh not only that i'm 100% professional and reliable on set of a shoot!! i make sure the person im working with gose home happy with the images they have!! and im also very patient if you are willing to try something outside your comfort zone!. oh did i mention all the tea and coffee you like!!


what the studio has: the studio has a round bed perfect for boudoir and nude, we have a grey room perfect for fashion and portraiture we have some awesome props like a giant teddy bear, smoke machine, bubble machine, disco lights, flowers, umbrellas, parasols ect


rates; rates for this shoot is £15hr plus £10hr for studio fees if you want stduio but happy to do location x


so if you want to shoot with me drop me a line and we shall talk ideas,


Katie x

United Kingdom, England, Leicester, Leicester
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