Created 12 Sep 2018 by NickDandalos

Beauty & Fashion Headshots - High End Test

Reimbursement will be by way of images in exchange for time

Member types required: Model

Hi All, 

We have added a new high speed setup for high-end beauty/cosmetics photos and videos that needs testing out over the coming month before it is used for any commercial shoots so there is a rare opportunity for a beauty test.

Will be looking for a few models to do some short tests in a natural fashion / beauty style. Free time is extremely limited at the moment - will be able to spend max 2-3 hours on each shoot so they won't be styled shoots with a MUA - you'd need to be able to create the look you want to shoot by yourself.  

In return, you can expect minimum ONE fully retouched photo from each look we shoot, and a short, retouched beauty video clip. Good sample videos are VERY useful in beauty work for sending in to castings (more so than photos) and putting up on Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, e.t.c. for industry exposure so this would be a good opportunity for a new model getting into this field. 

This would ideally suit local models as will have to squeeze this in whenever there is a gap. Age 18-30. Clear, healthy skin and hair a must. 

This will have to be booked quickly without a lot of time spent going back and forth in emails so if you're not the type who can respond quickly and make a final confirmation by phone, please save both of us some time and don't apply smile 

If you'd like to shoot this, please send me a message expressing your interest. We normally get a lot of applicants but I will take the time to respond to everyone who contacts us in due course - please just be aware this could take a few days.

Thanks for taking the time to read through.


From: 12 September 2018 To: 07 October 2018
United Kingdom, England, London
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