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Winter is coming !

Payment can be by money or goods, as mutually agreed

Member types required: Photographer

Hi Guys 

i am taking new bookings in London and around Marlborough - Wiltshire from end of October ( before my agenda is complitely full ) 

i work up to fine art nude even if i am passionate  as acting model thanks at my experience in films and commecials

I did in the past a collection of shoots based just on tits and bum but now i have stopped 

If you are interested in working with me , please send me a project and together we will try to elaborate something different 

i am very brave , experienced and creative so you should not be disappointed 


i am a self employed model and pay taxes  on my earning so my rates are 

£50 for 1 hour 

£ 160 half day 

£ 250 full day 

I will ask a contract before the shoot wit your real name , contact details and the type of levels 

At the end of the shoot i will do an invoice 

If the shoot is outdoor i will ask a copy of your PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE to be covered  in case i hurt myself during the shoot 

At the moment of the confirmation  i need 20% deposit and if you cancel the shoot less than 24 hours i need 50% of the value of the shoot 

I have good sense of humor , lots of enthusiasm and  energy 

I am 50 years old but my body is in very good shape ( size 8 ) and if i push my muscles they are well defined ( thanks at the work on the ropes of my narrow boat where i live when based in london ) 

please send me any question 

if you think my rates are too high for your budget  i am here to discuss the best solution 

i want to see people happy !!! 

have a great day = Buona Giornata in Italian 

United Kingdom, England, London
United Kingdom, England, Wiltshire
United Kingdom, England, Hertfordshire
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