Created 7 July 2018 by KeiraLavelle

I’ve been let down on my South Wales tour! Stunning weather, exceptional locations! Professional nude/beauty model.

Payment can be by money or goods, as mutually agreed

Member types required: Photographer, Studio

Hey guys! 

Well, this wasn’t what I’d planned to be doing today! Due to unforeseen circumstances it would appear that my day is not going ahead as initially planned: this was initially going to be my last day on tour, I’d organised accommodation last night especially and now I’m here with a free day, glorious sunshine but no photographer. :’(

So my question to you guys of South Wales and across the water in Somerset; would you want to miss out on the VERY LAST opportunity to shoot this diverse, location-loving model?!

I’ve been at the beach several times in this tour... mostly actually in the evenings after work just to cool off/enjoy the place after work. It’s honestly stunning with location after location that is picture perfect for shooting. You couldn’t have a more involved model either: I’ll happily get drenched, roll about in the mud silts, climb things: you only need to check out the location images in my portfolio to see how involved I get with my outdoor work. I’m a strong bodied model (thank you to an hour and a half workout every day!) So scrambling is nothing for me.

That said, I’m completely at home looking all sassy and glamorous in a studio too! Smile My car is jam-packed to the rim with lush outfits, self-made body jewellery and latex. I’m a makeup artist/hair stylist too which enables me to create dramatic to natural beauty looks for each occasion.


I can wholeheartedly promise that you wouldn’t be disappointed wherever we choose to shoot. 


The casting is for today only... i have to get back to Yorkshire for other work.


Rates: 2 hours = £90, 3 hours = £120, 4 hours = £150, 8 hours = £250.


I have my own transport, just tell me where you want me to be. Reliable, professional, hard-working... Takes the mickey out of herself non-stop. It’ll be a blast, my guarantee! Big smile


Selfie from the beach at Cardiff last night: 




Keirabear x

From: 07 July 2018 To: 07 July 2018
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