Created 17 Jan 2018 by LadyLycan

Alternative model looking for photographers for creative shoots

Reimbursement will be by way of images in exchange for time

Member types required: Photographer
Hello! I am just getting back into modelling after a long hiatus. I have a few fun ideas I would love to explore with interested photographers. I live just outside of Brighton, East Sussex but am in London often for university. I have my own transport too.

1. Sultry Velma cosplay. Cute tight orange jumper, knee high socks, short red skirt, red panties. Sitting at home reading books, lounging on the bed, going through her library, investigating maps... I would like to do this shoot at home as I have the right sort of background here that would work with Velma as a character I think! This shoot would be vaguely risque, but not nude. Perhaps down to lingerie.

2. Demon/Succubus. Very Gothic and sexy. Long velvet skirts, bondage like lingerie, high boots, stockings and suspenders, whips and chains. Once again down to lingerie I think would work for this, but maybe topless. Not sure what the back drop for this should be however.

3. Fairy/Elf creature. Woodland shoot, maybe when the spring flowers and blue bells come in around Sussex. Long auburn hair, small wooden antlers, long flowing white or green gown, no shoes. I want this one to be very otherworldly, like steeping through a fairy gate way to another world. I would consider some tasteful nudity for this one. (depending on the location of the shoot ofc!)
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