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Keira Tours Isle Of Man? Book To Make Creativity Happen: Fasion-nude!

Payment can be by money or goods, as mutually agreed

Member types required: Photographer
Good afternoon, Happy New Year and smile... It's only January, not the apocalypse. :P <3

The Isle of Man is one of the destinations I am yet to christen with my touring habits... I appreciate there isn't a massive creative-people base, but I truly adore setting foot on new ground and bringing with me what creative photo-shoot enjoyment I can so I really want to make a visit to this lovely little island work. What is greatly needed is the help of the keen, local photographers that would potentially be interested in setting up some booked time with me during my visit.

I'm a full-time, professional beauty/nude/art model with an extensive portfolio of images that hopefully give a good indication of all the innovative possibilities of booking me. I've worked with all manner of photographers and been part of some amazing projects... But please don't let this put you off with the thinking that "oh, well she wouldn't want to work with me" ...rubbish. I get a rewarding sense of achievement working with both professional and amateur photographers for different reasons and you know what - if it's the first time you've ever pointed your camera at a model and I have helped you achieve something you're happy with, that's a big cheer for me. :) I'll let you in on a secret: you that stern looking expression you saw in my portfolio? I was balling my face out with laughter 5 seconds later. I'm not scary/high-maintenance at all. <3

Styles we could smash:
Portraiture (I'm a hair/makeup artist too), fashion (I have some epic outfits), glamour (I can tease the camera with facial expressions & body shapes), artistic nude (didn't you know Aphrodite's my long lost twin?), body-scapes (probably a signature style of mine), erotic (powerfully charged with expression and tastefully suggestive but not explicit).

Reliable (tick!)
Hard working (tick!)
Friendly (tick!)
Full of ideas (tick!)
Bendy body (tick!)
Doubles up as tea-girl (tick!)

So watcha' waitin' for! As the lovely Gwen Stefani said... :P Please don't hesitate to get in touch, I am very approachable and down-to-earth. Don't feel pressured to have some big idea presentation ready either... Teamwork can make the ideas happen.

I would be making my stop on the way over to Ireland, so more of an extended tour. With flights to book/accommodation to sort before these expenses become more expensive closer to the dates, I would like to try and get a plan together as quickly as possible because being in a position where I can confidently rely on the bookings and book my travel is what guarantees my visit to the area. Not enough shoots will sadly mean no visit so I need you lovely local photographers to work with me on this. :)

Drop me a message for my half and full day rates.

From: 19 February 2018 To: 20 February 2018
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