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Reimbursement will be by way of images in exchange for time

Member types required: Model
Are you an actor with a unique talent, skill, perspective on the world?

Unsubscribe is a new YouTube comedy webseries chronicling the highs and lows of
a group of fictional vloggers. Inspired by Nathan Barley, Community, Black Books;
we have weekly episodes and vlogs.

You can see the show here:

The series is part scripted, part improved, so we’re really looking at what you will
bring to the role. It’s important you are comfortable shooting scenes where you
will interact with the general public.

We’re committed to creating strong roles, and playing with convention. For our
Dec 9 th audition in Waterloo, London, we are casting two strong female roles:

The perfect model – and much, much more! Vlogger, yoga teacher, business
woman, she knows exactly what she wants and how to get it: jogging at sunrise, a
photoshoot in the afternoon, branding meeting in the evening – she’s on it. But can
she ever slow down? What is she hiding? Who knows, but whatever it is, she intends
to look good, party hard and enjoy the ride.

Like an expert chess player, she’s always several moves ahead. She knows her
fans, and gives them what they want – with a twist, just enough to keep them
coming back for more. She loves playing with people’s perceptions of art, life,
weaving flirtation and philosophy with equal measure into her critiques. But
underneath it all, there's a demon – and a little girl. Can she ever let them out?

We often play with improvisation while shooting. If you were playing one of these
characters, think how you’d portray her inner dilemma. As characters we all play
big, but the deeper self always comes out.

During the filmed audition we will have scripts, but we ask you to create your own
monologue for the character, directed to the camera as if you were talking to your
yoga/sport, or art audience on youtube.

We are also interested in meeting you, the person being the persona/character.
Ultimately, we are looking to establish creative partnerships that benefit everyone

The show is presently running on passion and sweat – we’re zero budget guerrillas -
but we have a Kickstarter planned and are doing everything possible to grow the
project. Our intention is that by sharing our talents on one platform, we all grow
and get the greatest exposure.

We usually have one main shoot a month over a weekend. If cast, we would work
you into our January shoot with future shoots according to your availability. We
can discuss our timetable and future plans for the show in more detail when we
meet. Given the show is based in London, it is important you live in the city.

We look forward to meeting you and seeing your take on the character we are

Casting will be 9th Dec in Waterloo area between 1-4pm
United Kingdom, England, London, London City
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